Inside The Circle

How many people have asked you: What's your name and who are you? And how many times do you answer with two answers because your not just Mia Williams daughter of famous Veil Williams. But your also something so powerful the super natural world would go to get length to kill and take your powers. And the 'good' will do anything to exile you to save their own butts.

Well, my answer to that question is

"Hi, I'm Mia, the new transfer student." I announced to the class before me. I could tell off-hand some were werewolves and at least two vampires. How? Well I can since stuff like that and since my birthday is tomorrow, my powers are evolving.

It was told in ancient times that a great creator will only grow has her age and lessons does and only the truly wise or powerful will stop evil for good. But without evil the world with self destruct.

What will happen if I destroyed all evil?
Could I.....?
Find out more...


5. Chapter Four

Chapter Four

When my vision came back into focus I stumble over my feet trying to regain balance.The shadows were re-treating and I was at least a mile a head of them. They were coming towards me, returning to there main-land, I'm guessing they've retrieved there victim for this mouth- I all but mentally spat in my mind.

They sickened me by how lurking and venous they were. It made since to them to kidnap and kill and rape and kill. Then, repeat all over again to suck the life force out those poor precious humans. And no, my parents that had been there food to survive that mouth a year ago were not humans, which made the witch curious when she went to the past to show me her vision.

I'd found out that it was a command from a powerful force to do this to my parents, from who, and why? Have absolutely no idea. But it pained me to see thous 'shadows' they call 'em rape my mother endlessly taking turns and then kill her in front of my father. But when they didn't have enough fun doing that, they killed him slowly pealing his skin off.

So you could just imagine what I had in store for them.

The woods were foggy and the animals howled and scurried away to keep clear of the danger coming that they had sensed. I could sense it to but it didn't scare me on bit. All it did was excite me from the vengeance I was going to get.

And then, when least expected a dark body loomed over me with so much power I stumbled forward turning around to see the shadow I saw at the edge of the wood just moments after I left that stalker Nathaniel.

"You? Do you have a death sentence?" The creators creepy voice questioned taking a step towards me lowering his head sniffing my scent as if to tell something. "Um," he continued licking his visible lips that somewhat hid behind his mid-night black cloak.

"Take her" Were the next two words I heard, right before two more shadows came out from hiding like the little scary cats they were.

"This is going to be fun." I murmured under my breath...

Natrually my face turned pale and my eyes reached an unhuman color mid-purple. My creator gene instantly kicked in, my instincts were on high alert, and my lips turned a bit red.

The Shadow rested its hand on my shoulder tailing down to my palm pining it to my back in one swift move. It didn't seem like 'it' was letting me go any time soon but I had other plans. I unwrapped myself from it's hold in vampire speed. Back kicked Shadow One from behind me before he had time to react. "Θεοί μου ισχύς." I chanted, jumped-up in the air like an angel, very gracefully, and did a spin kick in the air to knock both of them out. They instantly fell, Shadow Three was still lurking in the foggy trees not allowing me to see 'em, suddenly it lunged at me. But that's when I realized, where's the human?.

I was knocked down and punched a couple times before I hit it's weak spot. Falling over from the impact of my handy work- dislocating 'its' arm, I took that oppurtunatly to stand up and get great distance between us. Shadow three regained 'its' balance.

They must have her locked up somewhere; I don't know where at. " Shadow person," I said calmly taking a step forward and getting away from thous other shadows that are now regaining conscious. "Where the hell is the human?" I yelled coldly losing my patience. The two shadows from behind me awoken. Spreading out to cover more room to make sure I don't run away. Like hell I'm gonna be the one to run away.

"Come at me," I suggested taking a brave step towards the main shadows that once loomed over me. "Boy." I stated forming a smirk on my features. Expectantly, they all came at the same time, crashing into each other with a big bang. Flying backwards and collapsing to the ground, allowing me the chance to place a entrapment spell on them.

"Θεό που μπορείτε παγιδευμένες."

"Now your mine." I announced.



"Mia!" Melody screamed across the parking-lot, turning some heads my and her directions. She was wearing the classic slutty outfit, after all she is a popular girl in school along with Erisa. Explains the glares from some girls who easily think I'm a freak and don't want me to hang with their crowd.

"Hey! Where did you go at the party last night?" She inquired looking at me with pure interest and a half whole smile placed on her lips.

"Uh, I kinda went home a little ealiy. My mom called and got worried."

"Oh well, Nathaniel was looking for you. You know why?"

"No, actually I just told him to 'get lost' and took off."

"He seemed really mad. Like really, really mad. You should talk to him later find out what's going on with him"

"Mel, I don't even know the guy. Plus, you can I'm two bussy." I said beginning to stop walking a little bit. Why did it even matter?

"Well..." She drow out rising both of her nicly pluck eyebrows before looking looking completely terified. This interested me a little- in other words confused me- so I natrually took interest. Anyway... "He started like looking for you and flipping out. Why? No clue. But it was really scary... Some people even left the party ealy becasue of it."



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