Inside The Circle

How many people have asked you: What's your name and who are you? And how many times do you answer with two answers because your not just Mia Williams daughter of famous Veil Williams. But your also something so powerful the super natural world would go to get length to kill and take your powers. And the 'good' will do anything to exile you to save their own butts.

Well, my answer to that question is

"Hi, I'm Mia, the new transfer student." I announced to the class before me. I could tell off-hand some were werewolves and at least two vampires. How? Well I can since stuff like that and since my birthday is tomorrow, my powers are evolving.

It was told in ancient times that a great creator will only grow has her age and lessons does and only the truly wise or powerful will stop evil for good. But without evil the world with self destruct.

What will happen if I destroyed all evil?
Could I.....?
Find out more...


6. Chapter Five


Chapter Four

"Mia!" Melody screamed across the parking-lot, turning some heads my and her directions. She was wearing the classic slutty outfit, after all she is a popular girl in school along with Erisa. Explains the glares from some girls who easily think I'm a freak and don't want me to hang with their crowd.

"Hey! Where did you go at the party last night?" She inquired looking at me with pure interest and a half whole smile placed on her lips.

"Uh, I kinda went home a little easily. My mom called and got worried."

"Oh well, Nathaniel was looking for you. You know why?"

"No, actually I just told him to 'get lost' and took off."

"He seemed really mad. Like really, really mad. You should talk to him later find out what's going on with him"

"Mel, I don't even know the guy. Plus, you can I'm two busy." I said beginning to stop walking a little bit. Why did it even matter?

"Well..." She drew out rising both of her nicely pluck eyebrows before looking looking completely terrified. This interested me a little- in other words confused me- so I naturally took interest. Anyway...

"He started like looking for you and flipping out. Why? No clue. But it was really scary." She babbled on like a lunny on crack. All I could do was nodded my head numbly, I felt bad for some reason that I had gave him such a hard time. But he was the one following me like a lost puppy, it's not my fault, I think.

"Mia? Um, are you here?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I' you in class later?" I tried. I just need to go check up on Nathaniel; to see if he was OK but I'm pretty sure he wasn't. To why I care, I don't know. He'd seem genuinely interested in me. But to my defense  he was like a total stalker, a very cute on to- SHUT UP!


Time flew by before I knew it. The stares in class was become unbearable and annoying, I'd wish that I could just snap all this head to get it over with. But I'd be discovered by the humans and hunted by the hunters. So no, not a smart idea.

Nathaniel was waiting for me at my locker. Did I mention his shirt was slightly clinging to his chest showing off his muscular upper-body? Well, I mean't to... "Mia, what is your mission?" He asked crossing his arms over his chest, twisting his legs in the process. You could see his muscles flex as he got comfortable, and I'm guessing I should get comfy to. 'Cause this was going to be one deep conversation.

"Nathaniel please." I whispered hanging my head, I don't know why I was acting like this. It was a foreign movement to me, I've never felt this weak before. Expect, on that horrid day, that I swear I'll revenge.

"Mia", were his only words, it sounded so pained I'd broken that very moment. He'd seem to sine this because the next thing I knew he rushed to me at in-human speed and surrounded his arms around me. It strangely felt good, his warmth made me feel at peace and safe. For a vampire he sure was hot, and not that type of hot, I mean, warm. hot.

We'd been hugging each other for about five minutes. No one dared to speak, it was killing me from the suspense of what was going to be said next. He comforted me for a-while longer. It felt like like I was floating on cloud nine; I was so relaxed. Not to mention the soothing spell of his warmth. My disappointment of his leave was not evident on my face. My head still hung not wanting to look him in the eyes. "Mia look at me." he said softly. When I didn't obliged he took his pointer finger and lifted my head. His eyes showed hurt, from shutting him out, and concern, for our current situation. He truly cared for me. This made me melt in my spot.

I'd vaguely became aware of how close he was to me. His nose nearly touched mine. My heart became an ad-normal pattern. He could hear it, I know 'cause I could to. His hands found its way to my waist, massing it gently. I could smell the mood change into a serious moment to a sexual one. Before we could continue this sinful for play the bell rung interrupting our moment. Pulling away, I didn't look back as I turned away thinking O.M.G. breathlessly. And from a far I could hear a soft chuckle.

(Picture of Mia and her outfit)


The room was dark expect for the fact the the light bud in the middle of the room was on and the candle sticks that surrounded the edge seemed to gleam even more than light it self, if even possible  I had captured the venomous shadows and covered them with light to keep them weak. I was going to wait until tommorow after school to torture them and question them but the more I thought about there harsh ways the more I wanted to skin them alive.

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