Zayns Best Friend (one direction fan-fiction)

The story is about a girl named Bella Jones who has brown hair and brown eyes she has been best-friends with Zayn Malik ever since primary school and she then realized that she loved him ever since year 6 but everything changes when he leaves her for the X-factor with a best friends necklace and his new numbers and he just walked out she was speechless no words could explain how Bella Jones felt.

Anyways : Bella is shy, Nice to everyone no matter what,loves yogurt land, is 18, has own house ,a little brother named Tommy.


7. weekends and malls

I hope everyone liked that last chapter,I'm super duper sorry for not updating please forgive me and 78 reads really im so happy


I woke up this morning and went to take a shower, I wrapped my hair in a towel and put on some white lip-gloss and then I put on a black v-neck with a jean vest and some black shinnies with some jean hi-tops. then I straightened my hair and put it in a ponytail with a bang and I put my camera bag around my neck. And went to get bailey since Zayn and the lads had a recording session today. And I wanted to spend time with my Lil sister. So I woke up and while shes was taking a bath. I grabbed her a pink shirt with flower print. And some white shinnies with a pink cardigan and some pink high-tops. I helped her get dressed and I washed her face and brushed her teeth then I brushed my teeth and me and bailey went downstairs and I  made her some pancakes while she sleepily watched sponge-bob. She ate her phone then my phone started ringing to hey there Delilah by the plain white tees. I answered it. Hello? ''Hey bells'' Zayn said. Oh hey what you doing? I asked

''Nothing were all most done do you want to have a picnic later'' He said. Sure around going to take Bailey to the mall. ''ok, love you see you later be safe'' Ok bye love you to. I said. I went back in the living room and drank some orange juice and washed me and baileys plates and I locked the door. And I put bailey in her car seat. It was a quiet ride Bailey seems distant. So i decided to ask her whats wrong. Hey bai whats wrong? I asked '' Nothing she said looking down. You sure. I said. '' Its just you are always with zayn you don't have time for me''. AWWWW bailey I will always have time for you its just zayn and i are in love you'll understand what its like one day. She just smiled and giggled. Does my little sister have a crush. She turned pink and said'' Hes name is Brandon hes in my class but were just best friends''. Aw how cute you guys are probably gonna in up like me and zaynie. She just said'' eww all you guys do is kiss that's nasty'' That made me turn crimson red and Im sure I look like a tomato. We arrived at the mall. And we went into Claire.  And us loving the boys so much we decided to buy all the one direction stuff they had then we went home. And mom was there. Hey mom how was work today? '' Good honey, so what did my two favorite girls do today''. Bailey said we bought one direction stuff and with that we ran upstairs and hung our posters. And five minutes later. I got a text from zayn saying hes on his way. I ran in my room and took a quick wash off and put my hair in a bun and I put on a yellow knee high sundress. with  some yellow high heels and i put on some yellow lip-gloss with a dab of mascara. and some yellow blush. I the grabbed my yellow cardigan and went downstairs And my mom said'' you look very pretty you have a date today?'' she said winking. Yeah im having a picnic with zayn.



Zayn POV

I quickly walked into Starbucks and grabbed to boxes of turkey sandwiches and I bought a mango smoothie for Bella. and a strawberry smoothie for myself. And I went im my car and drove to bell's house. And when she came outside she looked beautiful.




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