Zayns Best Friend (one direction fan-fiction)

The story is about a girl named Bella Jones who has brown hair and brown eyes she has been best-friends with Zayn Malik ever since primary school and she then realized that she loved him ever since year 6 but everything changes when he leaves her for the X-factor with a best friends necklace and his new numbers and he just walked out she was speechless no words could explain how Bella Jones felt.

Anyways : Bella is shy, Nice to everyone no matter what,loves yogurt land, is 18, has own house ,a little brother named Tommy.


9. tour and getting back together

 So sorry I haven't been posting im going through some rough times and Im just really sorry so enjoy




   Bella's POV


  I was eating cereal trying to get over Zayn but every were I look its like seeing him I miss him so much without him its like my heart is being ripped out into tons of pieces its like your screaming and no one can hear I should have  never let him left hes on tour for their take me home album  and there's nothing I can do I have  been looking at their videos he looks so broken and I hate myself knowing im the one who put him through all this pain . I've  been cutting and not eating and everyone is  worried about me my little sister cant even talk to me without crying and my mom is just the same way. And I cant keep hurting people I never knew loving someone could hurt this bad. The boys keep calling me but if I talk to them im just gonna cry but the calls know stop and I need to see him just please call me.


i finished eating because my moms been begging me to eat so know im in me and zayn's  old tree house just staring at my phone And im  about to give up when I hear my familiar ringtone the caller ID read out Hazza. Yes he called me I picked up my phone as fast as possible.


Phone CONVO   


Harry: BELLA !? get on a plane now i have your ticket Zayn... h-he g-got a terriost threat some one in the crowd brought  a poster saying he should be killed for 9/11. NOW hes trying to jump off the building of the stadium he said hes not gonna do it if your here hes been blaming his self for everything he thinks you hate him so Paul should be outside your house and you need to go to Ireland ok see you later. he said with tears in his voice


before i could answer he was gone I quickly put on some far fetch sweats and a navy blue Republic sweat shirt on and i put my hair with a braid going into a messy bun i put on my thigh high navy blue Ugg  and some navy blue with white polka dot stud earrings and I grabbed some markers, color pencils, crayons, and a big drawing pad and a coloring book. I then grabbed my suit case and put clothes in there and tooth paste and lady things and I was done I then kissed my sister while she slept and told my mom everything she told me to be safe. and Paul was outside picking up my bags for me  I then got in the car and Paul started conversation


" I know you haven't been sleeping and your cutting yourself   and you haven't been eating'' he said pulling into the airport that was empty that's odd

'' how did you know that and why is the airport empty'' i said shocked


'' I could tell and because we are riding a private jet'' he said carrying my suit case while I got out the car


'' Thanks Paul for everything'' I said grabbing my suitcase and boarding the plane with Paul I  then sat in the seat and started to draw I've been told im a amazing drawer so I took out my phone and put my ear buds in and played  one direction I then drew all the boys and I got tired and started drifting off to the boys singing moments.


I was being shook awake to see Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry by my side I was now in the boys dressing room they quickly rushed me up the stairs of the building were the security guards were trying to get Zayn to step away from the roof.


i then stepped forward and began to talk '' Zayn, Babe please don't do this'' I said a few steps behind him


he quickly turned around and said '' You came, I thought you hated me'' he said crying


'' Zayn, I don't hate you if I hated you I wouldn't be here I mean look at me I haven't been sleeping eating and I've b-been C-cutting myself, I just missed you so much and you cant leave me or your sisters or your mom the boys the fans please just come over here'' I said crying


he then ran towards me and picked me up I then kissed him and we were escorted inside  he then looked at me with tears streaming down his face '' I love you ok please Im so stupid I promise you I will never cheat on you again and please don't  hurt yourself like this anymore I cant stand to see you hurting like this please forgive me'' he said with hope and having his arms around my waist


'' I forgive you know go on that stage and sing your heart out and don't give in to what the haters say'' I said kissing his forehead he then gave me a smile and ran out on stage with many cheers from the fans I was sitting down watching them when all of sudden Louis picked me up over his shoulder and carried me on stage I was beating on his back but he didn't let go I ws sat on a chair and Zayn bought me roses and started  singing they don't know about us to me I could fill the tears come down my eyes after the song I went back to back stage and just waited for the boys of my dream to come off

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