Zayns Best Friend (one direction fan-fiction)

The story is about a girl named Bella Jones who has brown hair and brown eyes she has been best-friends with Zayn Malik ever since primary school and she then realized that she loved him ever since year 6 but everything changes when he leaves her for the X-factor with a best friends necklace and his new numbers and he just walked out she was speechless no words could explain how Bella Jones felt.

Anyways : Bella is shy, Nice to everyone no matter what,loves yogurt land, is 18, has own house ,a little brother named Tommy.


8. Suprises& Breakups

 Hey guys 97 reads !? you guys are the best love you all.




Me and the boys were at Zayns house and we decided to have a movie night

So we were just sitting there trying to decide which movie to watch. Guys I think we should watch the notebook? I said. Liam then said or we can watch toy story? All the boy groaned and said the notebook. And liam also nodded Because we always watch toy story its liams favorite movie. Halfway through the movie I started thinking about me and zayns relationship weve been to gether for 2 years now hes 20 and im 19 weve grown closer and the boys have become big like every one loves them The fans send me hate and what they say is just awful nobody wants to read that stuff about them like why do you hate me what have ive done? Me and zayn are great weve grown nothing can tear us apart. All of a sudden niall starts complaining about hes hungry so me and louis decided to go to the store and buy some chips and soda then we are going to pizza hut and getting some pizza and pasta. We left first we went to the store and lou told me to put my hoodie up and put my rayban shades on. He did the same we wouldnt want fans to notice us. While we were looking at food I saw something that caught my eye. It was a picture of zayn and perrie edwards holding hands and kissing. HOW COULD HE DO THIS TO ME. I said letting the tears come down my cheeks Louis gave me a hug and we left the store. I was mad and hurt and I bought the magazine We then went to pizza hut and bought the food when we went home. I stormed in saying: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ZAYN!? He then looked down at his feet. And that just made me more angry. SO YOU THOUGHT I WOULDNT FIND OUT HUH ZAYN HOW COULD YOU AFTER EVERYTHING WEVE BEEN THROUGH THIS IS HOW YOU TREAT ME I HATE YOU SO MUCH. he then got up with the same anger in his face. he then yelled ITS NOT MY FAULT IT JUST HAPPENED OKAY!? YOUR NOT GONNA EVEN LET ME EXPLAIN. I then walked up to him and slapped him hard across hif face and said BULLSHIT ITS NOT YOUR FAULT IT TAKES TWO TO CHEAT, you know what im leaving dont call me dont text me dont come over I dont want to see you.I then got my bag and left and went to my house. My mom tried talking to me but I just went to my room. pulled my secret box from undermy bed and looked at all of me and zayns memories. I then put them back under my bed. and took a shower and went to sleep.



Bellas out fit of the day: first outfit


second outfit

sorry so short just a filler :)


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