Zayns Best Friend (one direction fan-fiction)

The story is about a girl named Bella Jones who has brown hair and brown eyes she has been best-friends with Zayn Malik ever since primary school and she then realized that she loved him ever since year 6 but everything changes when he leaves her for the X-factor with a best friends necklace and his new numbers and he just walked out she was speechless no words could explain how Bella Jones felt.

Anyways : Bella is shy, Nice to everyone no matter what,loves yogurt land, is 18, has own house ,a little brother named Tommy.


2. new sister and shopping

Hi guys I would like to give a shout out to all my fans so SHOUT OUT !! and Im gonna make Zayn and Bella 17 ok and thank you Katy for commenting I LOVE YOU :) (no homo). Sorry this is late im just busy.


I  woke up the next morning with puffy eyes from crying to much and bags under mt eyes and my hair was a hot mess so i got out of my bed and took  shower i put on a  peach pink tank top with some white shorts and some peach pink hello kitty hi-tops and i put my long messy brown hair in a  messy bun and I  put on some ray ban shades . I then put on some cupcake stud earrings and my Z necklace that Zayn gave me and   I put on some flower perfume and  My new I phone 5 that I  got for Christmas and then my mom came in and told me Bella you know how you always wanted a sister. yeah  well we are gonna go to the adoption agency and we are gonna adopt a little girl from London shes only 5 so I want you to go to the mall and buy her some clothes shoes jewelry and all that good stuff shes a size 5 in shoes and clothes 5/6 . heres take my credit card there's over 10 grand on here go have fun and get your self something to. I then left out and got i my baby blue rang rover sport and drove to the mall I  parked my car in the mall parking lot level 3 have to remember that . I walked into the mall and first I walked into Claire's and bought her 16 necklaces one of the necklace was two lockets one said sisters forever and I bought her 16 bracelets and 16 sets off stud food earrings with three pairs off long shoes one had adventure time characters  . the second one had unicorns . and the last one you could do yourself . I  also bought one of those pairs for myself size 7 1/2 I  bought her a hello kitty back and some hello kitty glasses . I  bought her some nail polish and some hello kitty stick on nails . and some Justin beiber posters and his CD and I also bought Selena Gomez posters and her CD and i got her a puppy diary with 2000 pages . I then went went up to the counter and purchased this stuff it was 200 dollars . i carried my four bags and put them in my basket. I then called my mom *PHONE CONVO*  Me: mom what is her school uniform . Mom: a white dress up shirt and some  dickies skinny school pants with some black shoes all black. Me: thanks mom I have 6 stores left . Mom: ok im just getting finish panting her room baby blue .bye *PHONE CONVO OVER* next store is the uniform store/ school supply store. I bought her 17 school shirts and 8 dickies skinny school pants dark blue . I also bought her 7 notebooks and a pack of binder paper 100 pages I also bought a unicorn binder a pack of pencils 25 , 2 big erasers, 25 washable markers,box of crayons , a box of color pencils, two folders one baby blue and one white, a ABC poster with numbers , a Disney princess coloring book, a adventure time lunch box. I then went up to the cashier and purchased my stuff it was 90 dollars.i put my bags into my basket and walked into the furniture store. I  bought her a bed with a white frame , i bought a mattress, a desk, a TV stand, a flat screen 12 inch TV, a unicorn sticker pack with letters to decorate the room, a baby blue curtain , 80 clothes hangers, six shoe containers, 7 clothes containers, a lamp, a pack of  nails, some shelf's. I then walked up to the cashier and every thing cost 400 dollars. one of the workers put  my stuff in my basket . I then walked to the next store which is justice. at justice I bought her 14 hello kitty tops 7 plaid blue shirts some pink, yellow,green, and red. i bought her some denim colored pants colors: pink, red, green.yellow,white,orange. and I bought her 6 pairs of denim shorts . six pairs off ankle socks colors: pink,yellow,blue,green,black. and I bought her a jean jacket, a Justin beiber watch.and some multicolored dresses,and a tutu, a blue dress, red dress, white dress, black,yellow etc. I  then bought her 6 pairs of black and white stockings set, and some multicolored gloves with a scarf and a hat. I then went to the counter and purchased my stuff which cost 100 dollars. i put my stuff in my basket. and went to the next store the vans store. I bought her a baby blue and peach pink hello kitty print vans and a pair of all black vans. this was 60 dollars. i put my bags inside my basket . then I  went to my last store FINALLY . I walked into  toysrus and bought her a calico critters luxury townhouse with a baby bedroom and a little girls bedroom a kitchen a living room a little cherry cruiser a bike for the the baby and the older sister a sandbox . I also bought her some barbie dolls and a little tamagotchi and i went into  the spy section and bought myself the eyespy spylinx      were you can see you and your friend on the little comtrapsion it has a camera and i bought some video glasses and some rear view glasses and some other spy things. and I  bought myself a Nerf gun and some 75 pack Nerf refills with a vest  . i purchased my stuff which was 400 dollars. I put my stuff in my basket . ( I have 3 baskets)

I then went to the mall parking lot into section three and put the stuff in the trunk and some some in the back seat. Then I drove home my mom said i have three hours i got done in two hours as I got home my mom helped me take the stuff in and we took it to the new girls room  we made the bed up my mom bought the covers which were unicorn and she bought some pillows . The bed was done next was the computer desk we then put that up and i put the paper for school in one draw then I put the crayons in the other and i out the binder and folder in the last one and i put the coloring book on to of the dresser with the box of crayons. I also put the erasers inside the draws with the crayons. My mom put the TV stand up and I helped her put the flat screen TV UP and connected it we have direct TV . next I hanged up the posters and the stickers  I put her name on her bed her name is bailey. I put her mini fridge in the corner and i plugged it up. I also put her clothes hangers inside her walk in closet i hanged up her dresses in one side on the other side were her shirts then shorts , the pants I put her shoes inside The plastic containers and I put her backpack in the corner of the closet and her school clothes are at the end on the hangers . My mom bought her a dresser I Put her jewelry inside her jewelry box and I put her lipstick and nail polish on one of the shelf's my mom hanged up . I made sure I had the sisters forever lockets inside my pocket. I also wrapped her  toys and put them on her bed and I  got a picture frame that said Our New Family and after we were done Me & My Mom did a awesome job and i put the stuff i bought for myself in my room i also cleaned my room so it looked nice . My mom put on some new clothes and we got in her black Chrysler and drove  to the adoption agency. Next stop picking up bailey. 



I hope every one enjoyed this chapter it is really long , like im up till 11:22 pm  I hope every one enjoys please leave a comment below to say how it was good or bad ? I can take it :) bye my little ducklings yes my fans are called ducklings :) bye  oh and have a good night !!! 




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