Zayns Best Friend (one direction fan-fiction)

The story is about a girl named Bella Jones who has brown hair and brown eyes she has been best-friends with Zayn Malik ever since primary school and she then realized that she loved him ever since year 6 but everything changes when he leaves her for the X-factor with a best friends necklace and his new numbers and he just walked out she was speechless no words could explain how Bella Jones felt.

Anyways : Bella is shy, Nice to everyone no matter what,loves yogurt land, is 18, has own house ,a little brother named Tommy.


6. Date night

Hey everyone I hope you like the chapter i worked really hard on it:).


Me and Zayn walked and sat on the loveseat I snuggled into his jacket while we were watching the notebook. it was so sweet best movie ever half way through the movie every one was crying and Zayns mom decided to take bailey home for me. And Zayn asked me Would you like to go on a date with me tomrrow? Sure I wispered. I then slowly drifted to sleep the next morning I woke up next to Zayn. I slowly got out of his bed not waking him. and every one was gone except the boys they were downstairs sleep. I then made eggs,bacon,pancakes,sausages(non pork off-course). I set all their plates on the table with cups of orange juice. They than woke up and Niall,Liam,Louis,And Harry ran to the table and dug in I laughed at them and Niall tryed to grab for Zayns plate until I hit his hand and Said Save some will yeah. He laughed and went back to his food and I put Zayns breakfast and orange juice on tray and carried it to his room I then turned on his TV to old reruns of sponge bob. And I got in his bed and woke him up He looked at me and smiled. You didn't have to do this for me babe. he said But I wanted to. He then kissed my nose and put his arm around my shoulder and ate his breakfast while I snuggled up in his chest. I then took his plate and glass back downstairs while he got dressed. And I took all the boys plats. They said Thank you and It was wonderful. I then washed their dishes. and put them up. And  I went back to Zayn s room He had on a black v- neck with some khakis. and some white low rise shoes. And he was finishing his hair. I kissed him and I Said I'm going to my house to get dressed pick me up at 7:00. He hugged me and kissed my forehead and walked me out the door. I grabbed my bike and rode it to my house. I then put it in the garage. And walked in the house to see Bailey downstairs watching sponge-bob and eating pancakes. While mom was getting ready to take her to daycare. And since  we are rich Because my mom is A movie producer. I then went in my room and took a shower and got out and wrapped my  hair in a towel and put my robe on. I then colored my feet nails baby blue and white. Then I did my fingernails. baby blue and white. I then put on some white small pearl earrings. with My Z necklace. With A baby blue button up shirt and And some white shinnies  With some baby blue hills. I then curled my hair. and i put it in a bun with two sides coming out and a bang. Then I did grabbed my white cardigan with baby blue buttons. And I put on some eyeliner and some blush with some lip-gloss  And I brushed my teeth and put on some of Justin beibers girlfriend perfume. Then I sprayed my hair with hairspray And walked downstairs. My mom and sister were gone and I sat on the couch and watched dance academy. Then about five minutes I heard someone knocking at my door.And I checked my eyes because I was crying over how cute Ben and Tara are together.I walked to the door and opened and to see Zayn wearing some white chinos with a baby blue button up shirt and a white hat.with his b necklace. I then spoke looks like we are matching. He just smirked and I said im gonna go get my bag and my phone ok. I went upstairs to my room and grabbed my iPhone 5 and grabbed my white crotchet bag and put the silver chain on my shoulder and put my phone inside with my lip-gloss and my mirror. I then closed my door and went back downstairs and Zayn grabbed my hand and lead me to his car. And when we got in he had red roses and a white teddy bear. Awwww babe you didn't have to buy me anything. But I wanted to he said. I quickly pecked his cheek and he started the car He drove me to this beautiful restaurant. And when we got there paparazzi was  every were and I was blinded bye the light zayn lead me out of there and took me into the restaurant when we got to our table the boys were there with their dates Zayn why didn't you tell me they were coming what if the other girls don't like me. Of-course they will like you your amazing. I then walked with him at the table and the boys greeted us and introduced us to their dates first it was Liam he had a girl named Danielle. then Louis had a girl named Eleanor. And harry had Taylor swift (ew). And Niall had Amy. So we sat down at the tables and the girls en traduced them selves first was the girl with really curly hair. Hi im Danielle liams girlfriend. Next was the girl with flowing curls. Hi im Eleanor, Louis girlfriend. Next was Taylor swift, Hi im Taylor harry s girlfriend. Next was a girl with dark brown straight hair. Hi, im Amy Niall's girlfriend.And im Bella Zayns girlfriend. They all smiled and we sat down. We ordered our food I had the steak with a side salad. And the girls just gasped and I said what. And El said finally Zayn found a girl who not afraid to eat and we all just laughed and enjoyed our time later on Zayn took me home and kissed me a goodnight kiss and I went up to my room and changed into some black shorts with a blue shirt that said hipster please. And i put my hair in a messy bun and went to sleep                                   

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