The four leafed clover

Emma Wilson escapes from her old life, she has no family and no friends, she feels her life is empty, until a special someone comes along :)



I went to go for a shower when I heard the doorbell ring, "Its okay I got it babe you go for your shower" Niall told me, so I carried on what I was doing. I started to sing one directions big hit 'what makes you beautiful' Ironic huh?

I heard shouting coming from downstairs, "WHERE IS SHE, I KNOW SHE IS HERE, EMMA!" oh no, It was Jenna, my care-worker, I went quiet, I got out and dressed, I knew I would have to go downstairs and face Jenna, I knew I would have to leave Niall, I would probably never see him again because he was going on tour soon, I took my first step towards another year in the care-home, I reached the bottom of the stairs."Niall? Jenna? Is anyone here?" 

I continued looking around, I couldn't find them anywhere, I went back upstairs, I went into Niall's room and seen them, Niall was Kissing Jenna, Wait no, he couldn't have, could he? I ran out crying, I sat on the bench outside his house, Jenna came out and told me to wise up and that I didn't have a future with him anyway and she dragged me back to the care-home, Niall started shouting my name but I didn't look back. 

I got back to the care-home, again, and there was Richard as always welcoming me back, I suppose Richard was my only friend at this place, even though he was like 14. I went back to my usual room, to find it occupied.. "Um this is my room" I said politely, " Well its mine too!" she said, "Sorry I never caught your name?" I tried to ask her "That's because I never threw it!, Hi I'm Jade!" she held her hand out for me to shake it, I grabbed it "Emma" I spoke back, I wasn't sure if I liked this girl, Only time will tell...

I went downstairs to the TV room, the boys were playing fifa, I wasn't going to bother to play because I knew I was going to win, and I got tired of winning fifa. I heard someone at the door, I got up to answer it, I opened the door and saw a blonde hair blue eyed boy, Niall, I closed the door and he stopped me, "sorry I'm not allowed visitors" I said and closed the door, I ran up to my room forgetting that Jade was there unpacking her stuff, I collapsed on the bed, crying, She ran over to my side asking me whats was wrong, I didn't want to talk about it, so I just said nothing.

I fell asleep crying.

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