The four leafed clover

Emma Wilson escapes from her old life, she has no family and no friends, she feels her life is empty, until a special someone comes along :)


2. Take me home

I got to his house, "Im Niall by the way!" I smiled, " Hi Niall, I'm Emma", " Oh no, I forgot my clothes at the care-home" the words just came out from my mouth, I just told Niall that I lived in a care-home, he went over to his set of drawers and pulled out a top and a pair of shorts "here, put these on and get your own clothes dried off", he told me, and I did, " um, where will I get changed?" I asked, "Oh, yeah" and he left the room, so I assumed I would get changed in his room, I got the shorts on, but I must have done something to my arm climbing down the pipe, "OW" I yelled , Niall came rushing in and I was half naked... very embarrassing, but it didn't bother him, he came over and helped me put the top on, he had the softest touch, "There" he said and picked up my clothes and brought them to the dryer. 

He came back into the room, and must have forgot that I was there and started taking his top off, I coughed to let him know that I was there, he saw me "holy cow, I forgot you were there, I'm so sorry" I got up and just left the room, he came out, he kept going on about 'how sorry he was' and stuff like that "It's okay Niall it doesn't bother me"and I laughed "oh okay, now I only have one bed so I'll sleep on the sofa tonight" Niall said to me, I couldn't let him sleep on the sofa, not in his own house! "no Niall it's okay, we can both sleep in the bed, it's a double bed, i'm sure we will both fit!" I exclaimed.. " If it's okay with you!" and so we spent the night talking in the bed we gradually drifted off to sleep... 

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