The four leafed clover

Emma Wilson escapes from her old life, she has no family and no friends, she feels her life is empty, until a special someone comes along :)


11. one last good-bye

A week passed, Slowly, but I was finally able to move in with Niall today! I was lying in bed until, like , 2pm, I got up and lunch was served! For lunch we had chips and bacon! I thought NOM but I didn't realize I had actually said it aloud, everyone giggled a bit, I heard shouting from the living room to find Niall playing fifa with half of the boys that lived here, I looked at him like he was a child, and he was also getting beat by a 7 year old, I took the remote off of him, and sat on his lap and played for him, we were now winning 3-2. 30 seconds left and I had the ball and scored and I gave the remote back to Niall for the last 20 seconds, and 'he' won. 

I walked back into the kitchen to eat my lunch, Niall followed me, I sat down and he sat beside me, I started eating my bacon and he took a few of my chips, I gave him my other piece of Bacon. I went up to my bedroom to gather my things together for leaving today. I said good-bye to my room for the last time. We stayed for another while. It was now 6pm and I said my good-byes "Good-bye Jade,I have only knew you for a few weeks, but I feel like I have known you for years, I will miss you" I said and burst into tears, "Good-bye Emma, I will never forget you" she hugged me and handed me her favorite bracelet, "Good-bye Emma just remember you can visit any time you want!" David said and hugged me, I nodded my head, I was still crying, We had a group hug and I said more good-byes and left, I was in tears on the way to Nialls, "WAIT! I FORGOT THE SCRAPBOOK!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, Niall turned around, and stopped at the care-home, Jade ran out "you forgot the scrapbook!"  she said, "I know I came back for it" I said and hugged her one last time, I got back into Nialls car and we drove home.

I reached the front door, Niall opened the door and gave me a small present, wrapped with pink paper and a red bow on top of it, I ripped it open and found a key, I was so surprised but I suppose I will need a key to get in and out. I hugged Niall and looked into his eyes and started playing with his hair, I was thinking 'what have I done to deserve this boy?' "I love you" I realized I had just said that aloud, I buried my head into his chest in embarrassment, "I love you too Emma" he replied and kissed my head, he carried me into the living room and turned the TV on, we gradually fell asleep on the sofa,I really did love this Irish boy! 

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