The four leafed clover

Emma Wilson escapes from her old life, she has no family and no friends, she feels her life is empty, until a special someone comes along :)


8. Okay, Truth or dare?

Months had went by and it was nearly my 17th Birthday, when I was 17 I could leave here, and I wouldn't have to come back, a paradise for me, just me and Niall, alone, but that was in another few weeks so I would have to suffer here another few weeks, but it was worth it, Niall visited me everyday around 12, He was going on tour in two months time, he promised that he wouldn't date anyone whilst he was away , this made me feel so much better about our relationship. 

I went down to David, the owner of the care-home, He didn't bother me, It was Jenna that bothered me... I asked David if I could go to my friends house (I lied, I was going to Nialls house), "sure as long as your home before curfew, which is 9" it was now 1pm i had a whole 8 hours with Niall! I got ready and headed off to Nialls house, I just walked on in, hoping it wouldn't bother him. The boys were sitting in the kitchen drinking tea, apart from Niall he was eating Nandos, I took a few of his chips and sat on his lap. " what are you doing here babe? did you run away again?" Niall questioned me, " Nah David said since I have been such a good wee girl I could go to a friends house until 9ish" I replied, "oh okay then!" and he went back to eating,  he started eating his chicken nuggets, and I took one, everyone started at me, "what?" I asked the boys, Liam replied "Its just Niall never shares his food and you have taken chips and a chicken nugget" I laughed a bit, "Its because he loves me" I smiled and kissed him, I pulled away and put the kettle on again, I made tea for myself and refilled everyone else's.

We sat at the table talking for a while and we then made our way to the living room, "Hows about we play a game?" Zayn suggested, "sure why not?!" I replied, "truth or dare?" Louis suggested, "Okay, Louis you first! Truth or dare?" Niall said "DARE" Louis quickly replied "Okay, I dare you to um... take your shirt off for 3 more rounds!" If these were the kind of dares I think I would be fine, Plus I only had about 3 hours left, "Okay, Emma, truth or dare?" Louis, now shirtless, asked me, "Dare" I said not scared, "okay I dare you to go upstairs stand in the shower, fully clothed and turn it on and come back down!" Louis said, I smiled, stood up and did it, I came back down soaking, I went over and hugged Louis! Lets just say, I wasn't the only wet one in the room! I went up into Niall's room and chose out a top and shorts of mine that I had left from when I used to live there, I brought my wet clothes and put them in the dryer. The game continued for a while, I asked Niall if he would drive me back to the care-home, He agreed, I jumped into his car, and we went to the care-home, he walked with me to the door and kissed me goodnight and left.

I heard screams from inside, Oh yeah, Beatrice, jade and everyone else, I went inside to face everyone, I ignored them and went to sleep, I loved today...I love Niall, I wonder if he knew that?

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