The four leafed clover

Emma Wilson escapes from her old life, she has no family and no friends, she feels her life is empty, until a special someone comes along :)


5. No im going to be okay,I hope

I woke up beside Niall during the night, it was about 3 am, I yawned and went back to sleep.

I had a nightmare "Niall isnt good enough for you" and "Your a child in care why would anyone want to date someone as ugly as you" these things hurt because it wasnt my fault. I want these dreams to go away,I had been having these for a while but never thought nothing of it, so I just kept it to myself, but this one was bad, I was tossing and turning

"Emma, Emma wake up sweetie" I woke up , again, to Nialls Irish accent "Your were crying and mumbling in your sleep, whats wrong?" he questioned me, "Its nothing, a bad dream, thats all" I couldnt tell him the truth, so I bottled it up, "are you sure, Im really worried!" he was still questioning me "No im going to be okay" I hope... 


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