The four leafed clover

Emma Wilson escapes from her old life, she has no family and no friends, she feels her life is empty, until a special someone comes along :)


3. Kiss you

I wake up the next morning to find Niall missing from beside me, I suddenly smell bacon , burnt at that , got got up to see whats going on. I see Niall by the grill failing at making bacon, I look at him and he looks back as if to say, I have to idea what I'm doing right now. 

I take the bacon out from the oven and put it on a plate, I get fresh Bacon from the packet and put it under the grill checking it every so often, after a while, it was ready, I took it out , I seen Nialls' face light up with excitement, I looked over to the plate where the burnt bacon was and looked at Niall, "did you eat your burnt bacon ?" I asked, "I am very hungry" he replied, I couldn't argue because I was hungry too. 

I put the new, nicer bacon on the plate where the bad,burnt bacon was and handed it to Niall, there was about 10 slices on it. Niall had devoured 9 of the slices within five minutes, I went to grab the last piece of bacon, I was about to put it in my mouth before Niall squealed "don't you eat my bacon!", I then purposely took a bite of the bacon, Niall stood up, looking quite angry and he started chasing me around the house! "give me back my bacon!" Niall kept shouting at me, I made my way to the bedroom before I tripped and fell face first  onto the bed, Niall came rushing over to see if I was okay,  I turned over and put the last bite of bacon in my mouth , chewed and swallowed, he looked at me, his blue eyes were like a sea just after storm, I couldn't stop staring, he looked into my muddy brown eyes, I pulled him down to me and I kissed him, and pulled away, "I'm so sorry Niall I didn't know what I was doing! Oh my God I feel so bad no-" he kissed me again to shut up "Emma you say sorry to much" I smiled, "sorry oh oops sorry" We both started laughing.

It was about 7 when me and Niall were sitting in the sitting room and we heard the doorbell, we exchanged looks, his look said, do you wanna get the door for me? I got up and answered the door, There was four boys standing at the door I just stood there staring at them, "Well are you going to let us in?" the one in strips asked, I still said nothing so he walked on in by me, "um, is it okay if we could come in?" The one with curly hair asked me, he had the best green eyes I had ever seen, I nodded my head and he said " come on Zayn and Liam" The one called Liam told me not to worry about Louis he is just a child at heart. 

We all sat in the living room talking when it came to me "one direction" I whispered to myself thinking no-one heard me, they all heard me, they all looked at me "Emma did you not know that?" Niall asked me , " I knew you from somewhere I just couldn't say where though" they all started to laugh, Zayn suggested we watch a scary movie, I'm not very good with scary movies 1) because I've never actually seen one before, so this was going to be fun.

I started jumping and screaming and all the boys started laughing at me, I was kind of embarrassed but Niall cuddled up to me and everyone started staring at us, my face went bright red but it didn't bother me, because I felt safe in his company. I drifted off in Nialls' arms and woke up there the next morning 

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