The four leafed clover

Emma Wilson escapes from her old life, she has no family and no friends, she feels her life is empty, until a special someone comes along :)


4. Isn't she lovely?

I woke up in Nialls arms on the sofa the next morning, the boys were still laying about, I got up trying not to waken Niall, I went into the kitchen and made about 24 slices of bacon, Niall must love bacon because there is a lot of bacon in his fridge, anyway, I put the bacon on a plate I heard Louis, Harry and Liam getting up, they must have smelt the bacon and walked into the kitchen, I gave them 4 slices of bacon each, I boiled the kettle and made them a cuppa, I think I made a good first impression on the boys.

I put Nialls' bacon on a plate and brought it into him along with a cuppa. He automatically woke up when I set the plate and cup on the table, I seen his beautiful blue eyes for the first time today, I loved his eyes "good morning beautiful" he told me "good morning Mr Horan I've brought you breakfast whilst you lazily lie on your sofa" I smiled and laughed a bit "Thank-you Emma" and he kissed me.

I walked back into the kitchen to Liam,Harry and Louis who were sitting talking about their next tour, "hi guys" I have to say, I am a morning person , I smiled whilst talking to them the rest of the time I spent with them in the kitchen, I stood up and went into the living room to see Niall had devoured his bacon and downed his tea, he must like my cuisine skills (cuisine is french for kitchen). I looked at him and lay beside him, he started to play with my hair whilst looking into my chocolate brown eyes. He leaned in and kissed on my lips, the kiss lasted about 15 seconds before the boys walked back in. "right boys put fifa on" Louis said, Little did he know I was the best at fifa back in the care-home.

It was a battle to the death in fifa between me and Louis I was winning 5-3 and I don't think he was happy that a girl was beating him, "5...4...3...2...1...0" the boys counted down to the end of the match, "How did she beat me !" Louis face was so shocked,I checked the time, we played fifa for 10 hours straight because it was now 8 o'clock,  Niall cuddled up to me, "congrats babe" he said in his Irish accent, "I was the best in the care-home" everyone stared at me, I realized I just said I lived in a care-home. "oh,yeah.. umm" I didn't know what to say after that, I just got up and went to Nialls room and buried my head in his pillow, I smelt his scent from his pillow, I felt someone come up and cuddle close to me, I assumed it was Niall "hey babe" Irish accent? It was Niall, I lifted my head and buried it into his chest, "the boys don't care you know?, and I have a question for you Emma but I need to to be better before I ask you!"

I lifted my head from the warmth of his chest and fixed my long, straight brunette hair out of my face, "so what was it you were looking to ask me?" I asked with curiosity in my voice, "Emma Wilson" "Niall Horan" I replied, we both laughed, "Emma Wilson, Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked, "wait, shh" I heard someone shout from downstairs I put my finger to my lips to indicate to Niall to be quiet "No Niall I will not go out with you!" I was nodding my head to indicate 'YES OF COURSE I WILL!!!' Niall pretended to cry a bit. Louis ran upstairs, shouting "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GIRL" and snapping his fingers in a Z formation, Me and Niall burst out laughing, I said to him "I was only joking Louis!" and I turned to Niall "Of course I will, Niall" and I kissed him, I pulled away when I realized  Louis was staring at us, He seen me and left the room.

I went to sleep around 10 that night because I was really tired, I fell asleep in Nialls arms, I was never happier...

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