The four leafed clover

Emma Wilson escapes from her old life, she has no family and no friends, she feels her life is empty, until a special someone comes along :)


7. I could use this to my advantage

I woke up in a pool of tears the next morning, I screamed, because I forgot Jade was there, I woke her up too I felt so bad for waking her up. I got up out of bed to make breakfast, Jenna came into the kitchen, "Emma you have a visitor", Me having a visitor? Wait, I knew it was going to be.. I went into the visitors room to find Niall sitting playing in the swivel chair, he stood up when he saw me standing in where the door was meant to be, "Emma I'm so sor-" I cut him off, "Save it Niall, I don't care if you kissed Jenna, I know you wouldn't dump me for... Her, she is a .. well a witch" I stood in and closed the door, I walked over to Niall and threw my arms around him, "you came back for me" and whispered in his ear, he kissed me softly on my neck, I pulled away and he looked confused I leaned in and kissed him on his lips, There was a knock on the door, Jenna, ugh that woman did my head in. 

"Okay you two, there is other people with visitors too" She acted so sweet when Niall was around. "Bye then  babe" and he kissed me then left, "Ugh Emma what did I say you have no chance with Niall Horan" Jenna said once Niall had left, "Well if I didn't have a chance why was he kissing me and not you?" I said and left the room. 

I went up to Jade, she heard who my visitor was and screamed her head off "Directioner I take it?" I told her because her reaction to Niall Horan visiting me was kind of obvious, She shook her head like a bobble head, "Niall James Horan visited you, oh my god, I am friends with someone who is friends with Niall James Horan!" So I've made a new friend, huh.. 

The rest of the day dragged in, Beatrice sat beside me at lunch, today she was surprisingly nice, Oh yeah Beatrice is the meanest girl in the care-home, I just ignored her most of the time, but today she was nice,why? Oh no wait I knew why, because I knew Niall Horan, I got a lot of attention for knowing this boy, so what was Beatrice looking? " Yes Beatrice, anything specific you were looking?" I asked her, "CAN YOU INTRODUCE ME TO NIALL HORAN?" she squealed, everyone started talking, "she knows Niall Horan?" was the main mumbles I heard, "Um, I'm finished eating" I got up and walked away from the table, "Was that her visitor?" I heard someone else say.  So now I'm the most popular person in the care-home? well I could use this to my advantage, I thought to myself

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