My Collection of Short Stories and Poems

So, I don't just write novels. I write short stories and Poetry as well.
I gathered them up for you all and that is what this new Movella is for. To have all my short stories and poetry all on one place.
Tell me which are your favorite and I will make sure to write more like those.
Thank you! :)


7. The Cave was enormous...

The cave was enormous. Wow, I thought to myself as I walk through the mall sized cave opening. I have never seen anything like this before.

Tap,tap,tap, the soft sound of my footsteps echo through the vastness of the cave. I feel water quickly gush into my converse and look down to see my fee ankle deep in the shallow end of a huge mesmerizing pool of water. But where does it end? And where did it all come from? I look down back down into the water. The color reminds me of a warm summer sky; it’s a blue that I cannot stop looking at. It’s as if the cave is bottomless.

I stub my toe on a crystal rock the size of a bookshelf that one would find in their local library. I notice more crystal rocks, one after another, that lead me farther into the beautiful cave.
After a long while, I start to hear the distant sound of a waterfall. I hop faster and faster, rock after rock, hoping to soon find the source of the noise. I run faster and faster, starting to think that the sound is all in my head.

Soon, I start to feel water mist my body as if it were raining. Fog clears from around me, and there it is. I look up and see oceans of water cascading down from above as if God were reaching out to me in the distant skies. I am still clueless as to where the water is coming from. I let the water sock into my pores and climb up the side if the waterfall, finally reaching the top, feeling accomplished. After catching my breath, I look over the edge to see hundreds of Amazon mushrooms growing into the darkness below.

“I guess it’s time for me to get out of here.” I say to myself. I turn around to be blinded by a beam of light. Looking closer I notice that it is an exit. On my left there is more of this wonderful, beautiful place, but on my right is the world I belong in. Where should I go? I gather myself and walk out the exit, never to see this place again.

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