My Collection of Short Stories and Poems

So, I don't just write novels. I write short stories and Poetry as well.
I gathered them up for you all and that is what this new Movella is for. To have all my short stories and poetry all on one place.
Tell me which are your favorite and I will make sure to write more like those.
Thank you! :)


19. January 2nd (poem)


                                                            I am a writer.

I take the randomest of topics,

and I interchange some words,

and i mix in my imaginatiin just a bit,

and I write amazing storys with that.

I take people to places never discovered.

I can make people feel feelings they have never felt before.

I can leave someone speechless.


Maybe is I tell myself this enough

it will eventaully become true.

I can only wish I had that impact on people.


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