I knew I loved you

Karmen got abused her enter life than one day the neighbors found out about it and took hr in to an orphanage. She spent the rest of her life at the orphanage with her best friend there. Then one Christmas eve everyone gets adopt Ed accept Karmen. Then one day a very attractive guy walked into the orphanage he walked in and laid on his bed and I decided to talk to him And I knew I loved him. But would he fell the same way?


3. When we're in london

The next they left first thing in the morning  then they went to go find a cheap apartment. Then they found one called Sunny days inn it was a nice quite place then they had burger king for lunch it was the best food they had in a long time then there was a sign that said we are looking for employes then Louis and karmen sign up for it and they got the job..................a month later they had earned a enough to get two plane tickets to London  and they allways wanted to live there so the next day they left to London and as soon as they got London louis took her to a football game (wich was her favorite sport)and propose to Karman on the big screen and she said yes and they got married and had two kids named Niall and Liam and they lived together forever

         ***                       By:ALEXIS

Ps if you like this I will make a nother one if you comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    ***

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