I knew I loved you

Karmen got abused her enter life than one day the neighbors found out about it and took hr in to an orphanage. She spent the rest of her life at the orphanage with her best friend there. Then one Christmas eve everyone gets adopt Ed accept Karmen. Then one day a very attractive guy walked into the orphanage he walked in and laid on his bed and I decided to talk to him And I knew I loved him. But would he fell the same way?


2. The day came

When the people came that want to adopted Karmen .kellsey brought her out to get adopted then she started to cry the people that wanted to adopt her ask why are you crying then she said I don't want to leave my friend Louis because is the most amazing person i ever met in my whole life and plus he will be here all by his self and I know how that feels I been here by my self before and it's not fun then the adopters said well here is a very tough choice do you want to stay here or go to a new home and never feel left out agian cause we can not adopt two children we wish we can but we do not have a enough money .T
hen Karmen thought about it then she said I am going to stay here I'm never ever going to leave Louis and when Louis Louis heard her say that. he started crying out of happyness then he whispered to him self I love you too Karmen. Then Karmen walked in the room then Louis went to hug her and Karman hugged him to the they started crying than Louis kissed her and said I am never going to leave you.

The next day they went on a walk in the field and it was Louis b-day and he has been saving up a lot of money and he was  18years old and Karmen b-day was in 2 day and she had some money too and they planned to leave the orphanage on her b-day and live forever together .

When it was karmen b-day she told kelsey what her plans where and she her some money and said thats fine your18you can make smart choices now and then karmen said and I am taking Louis to.ok that's fine then she told Louis that she said that is ok we can leave when ever

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