I knew I loved you

Karmen got abused her enter life than one day the neighbors found out about it and took hr in to an orphanage. She spent the rest of her life at the orphanage with her best friend there. Then one Christmas eve everyone gets adopt Ed accept Karmen. Then one day a very attractive guy walked into the orphanage he walked in and laid on his bed and I decided to talk to him And I knew I loved him. But would he fell the same way?


1. When I saw him


It was a lonely Christmas eve every one was adopted except for me. Yes that right I was in foster care. I got taken away from my family when the neighbors found out I was getting abused . And then they took me to the orphanage I been here for 2 years 8 days I had a best friend her name was Amara but she got adopted a couple days ago . And we been friends ever sense I got here.
 And I sat in silence  for a couple seconds. Then the door opened and a boy walked in the room. he looked like he was the same age as me and a shy boy because he held his head down looking at the ground.with tears falling down off of his face then he looked at me with a sad face and looked away Then he laid down on the bed with no sound for 30min

Then I decided to go and talk to him cause i felt sorry for i mean i was really scard when i got here til some came and talked to me and then I ask him how he ended up here. When I ask him how he got here it seemed like we had the same story and he told me his name was louis after I went to talk to him the was no more silence. The next day we only talked about are lives . And that night louis said he never wanted to leave her. 

        Louis POV:

When I said I never wanted to leave her I ment I never want to leave you because I think im falling in love with you. And I think you are the most prettyest and nicest girl in the whole world and I want to know if you feel the same way too?

Karmen POV:

Well yay when I saw you I new there was connection between me and you and I really think we were made for eachother .And I got to say you are a very handsome boy and smart boy.

Then there was a awkward silence then the silence was broken by the sound of some one saying dinner time !!!!!!!  Then they both ran to the dinner table .And when they where done eating  kellsey the care taker made a an announcement that Karmen was getting a home in London .after kellsey made the announcement Karmen started crying and ran to her room and then Louis run after her and then he closed the door behind him and said what was that about then kellsey said I don't want to leave you cause I love you. I  love you to said Louis .

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