Hidden Love

Athena. Louis already hates her, Zayn has no respect for her, Niall is in love with her, Liam is her bestfriend, and Harry is dating her. But what happens when he figures out the truth about her and Niall? Her past with Louis? And those late nights with Zayn? Harry understands her and loves her but nothing is worse than him taking her from the others. After all, she is his. (This has some pretty detailed parts too so just a warning!)


2. The truth about us.

We got back to his flat and I couldn't keep my hands off of him. I had already torn his shirt off before we were even at the front door. He stopped me to unlock the door and walked in picking me up and straddling my legs around his waist. He started to kiss me even rougher and then I heard someone say "Go Harold." He had and Irish accent and it was kind of, sexy. But I didn't stop. He pressed his tongue on my bottom lip asking for entrance and I parted my lips crushing my mouth with his and our tongues fighting for each other  He started walking deeper into the flat and into a room closing the door and pinning me up against a wall. I fumbled for his jeans and unbuttoned them slowly sliding his pants down, next were his boxers and he was already hard. I started rubbing his length while he moaned a little for pleasure. I started to go faster, then fell to my knees. He ran his hands through my hair as I teasingly glided my tongue over the tip, finally putting his length in my mouth and started bobbing my head back and forth going deeper each time. "A-athena I'm a-about to c-cum" I kept going until he cummed into my mouth letting the warm liquid ooze down my throat. He stroked my cheek embarrassingly "I'm sorry.." He trailed off, I pulled out and got up, genty kissing him before I led him over to the bed that was in the room, Crawling on top of him, I put his length in my mouth once more and got up. I slowly crawled back on top of him, I kissed him and then bit his bottom lip swiftly then entered my tongue in his mouth. He pulled back and stopped. "My turn" He smirked and flipped me over making me moan a little. He took my bra off and started kissing down my neck leaving love bites getting lower and lower. He started to gently massage my breasts while he rubbed his thumb over my nipple  "Harry.." He stopped and kissed his way down to my panties teasing me by tugging on them with his teeth. "Hurry up you tease." He got a little more rougher and started to take them off while rubbing my clit "Tease? No no love." He thrusted his fingers in me roughly and started going faster making me moan. "Uhh it feels so good" He stopped with his fingers and thrusted his tongue into me making me moan louder "Ohh harry.." Spreading my legs and pushing his head closer making him go farther in I tilted my head back closing my eyes and fisted the sheets. His alternating speed made me gasping for air. I started to run my hands through his hair and then he stopped. I looked at him just as he got on top of me. He whispered "Call me your daddy." I wimpered "Daddy.." I whispered in his ear and pulled him close. He ran his hands along my sides as he thrusted into me gently, making me moan "Uhhnnn." He smiled. "Feels good huh?" I nodded closing my eye. He put his face in my neck and rolled his hips with mine going faster each time "Call me daddy.. again.. But louder." He demanded "Oh Daddy, oh Daddy!" I obeyed. "Good girl" Going deeper he ordered me, "Louder, I want to wake the boys and neighbors up knowing it felt so good!" "Mmm Daddy! Oh daddy!" I screamed as he He pounded into me once more then, grabbed me and flipped me over "Good girl. Now ride me." He moaned as I started. I went faster "Like this?" letting out a small moan "Mmm just like that baby.. uhhh.. Y-yes." I went my fastest making him go further into me "H-harry I'm a-about t-too.." He flipped me over saying, "Hold it" and pounded into me all the way hitting my G-spot making me moan "OH HARRY!" "Now." He said, We both released at the same time ruining the bed. He slowly pulled out, leaving me breathless. "That. Was. Amazing." He nodded his head in agreeance, then I cuddled into him as he ran his fingers up and down my back gently. "I know Athena, I know." Then I fell asleep in his arms.

I woke up in the morning not knowing where I was and I hurt really bad and could barely walk. I didn't remember much of last night either. I had been in someones arms and I didn't know who but he was beautiful.. I caught him looking at me. "Good morning." I was kind of nervous so I sat up still in his arms and I then realized I was naked, grabbing the sheet covering myself up. "D-did we?" He laughed "Yeah.. I'm gonna need new bed sheets after last night." I still didn't know who he was and I had a bad headache coming "I'm sorry.. But who are you?" He looked kind of stunned "Harry.." I examined his face and then recognized him and I gasped. "Styles? Oh my.." I looked away not realizing what I had just gotten myself into "This is not good.. Oh god I'm so sorry Harry." Then last night started coming back to me. "I- I'm sorry about your bed.. and uhm.. what about your car?" He laughed "Don't be, you have literally been the best of the girls I've had, and I had one of the boys bring the car home." I  felt kind of hurt when he had said that. Better than the other girls? I tried to get up then fell because of my legs hurting so much and he rushed over to me and helped me get up, placing me back unto the bed "Woah, you ok?" I laughed realizing we were both naked. "Blame you, and your friend." I said pointing to his willy. He smiled at me then layed me down getting on top of me. "Round two?" He asked. "Not yet I'm quite sore." I replied sitting up with him still on top of me. I flipped him over and kissed him roughly and started to ride him a little, letting his length inside of me. "Hey, you said not yet! You tease." He moaned a little. "Oh so you don't want me? Ok." Then I got off of him and layed in his arms. "I hurt even worse now.." He smirked at me "That just means I've done my job perfectly" I sighed "Whatever, can you grab me my clothes? I need to get dressed" He laughed "I think my sister Gemma left some spare clothes that you could wear instead, you don't need to wear that dress. No matter how much I like it on you." He smirked, getting up, and slipping his boxers on and leaving the room, coming back in minutes with some clothes, "I hope these fit. You and Gemma seem like the same size" I sat up and put my bra and panties on then tried on the shorts and tank top he handed me. "Perfect fit" He came over and wrapped his arms around me and said "It's perfect, just like you." Gently kissing my forehead "Not as perfect as you." I said putting my arms around him and digging my head into his neck. We kind of just stood their making it our moment. With my head resting in his neck with his arms around me. It couldn't get better than this. Then someone knocked on the door, making harry sigh "WHAT?" I jumped at this. A blonde boy, Niall, popped his head in "Breakfast." Then shut the door and left. "I'm sorry.." Harry said kissing my forehead. "Don't be.. It's not like I'm gonna stick around for much longer anyways.." I trailed off and sat on the bed. "What?" I looked up at him confused. "What?" He sighed. "Nothing, but I promise you that you're not a one night stand, you mean too much to me. Lets get breakfast." Then he took me by the waist and walked me out to the kitchen.

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