Hidden Love

Athena. Louis already hates her, Zayn has no respect for her, Niall is in love with her, Liam is her bestfriend, and Harry is dating her. But what happens when he figures out the truth about her and Niall? Her past with Louis? And those late nights with Zayn? Harry understands her and loves her but nothing is worse than him taking her from the others. After all, she is his. (This has some pretty detailed parts too so just a warning!)


3. 'Daddy'

We walked into the kitchen to find five boys standing there. Harry took me over to a chair and sat me on his lap and played with my hair. Liam was the first to notice us "Oh hey there Daddy" This made all the boys laugh, confusing me and made Harry still. "What?" I asked. Lou mimicked my voice "Ohh daddy, Ohh daddy! OHH DADDY!" Making the boys fall to the ground laughing hysterically. My face went red so I looked down. It seemed to piss harry off. "You think that's funny?!" He nearly shouted at Lou. "Well you and you're little one night stand. Seemed to be enjoying it so much you had to wake us up and deal with that shit!" I left the room when he said that about me. "She's not a one night stand!" Harry snapped back immediately. "That's what you say about all of them, then you don't know who they are when they call the next day." I knew it was too good to be true. I went into the living room and sat down putting my head between my knees. Not listening to the shouting the was going on in the kitchen "Hey, you ok?" I knew it was Niall. But I didn't look at him "Leave me alone, Niall, please.." Trailing off, I started to tear up. I heard him walk back into the kitchen as he left me there in silence.

HARRY'S P.O.V- I felt heat burning up inside of me. I don't know what it was or what he said that made me break. But once Lou called Athena a 'one night stand' she left the room crying and he said "See? She isn't worth it! Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle would've stayed and dealt with that shit and laughed with us!" I rose my voice "Maybe because she wasn't already famous like your little girlfriends! Maybe she isn't used to being around a world famous band Louis! After all, she was probably still a virgin until last night!" He laughed "Haha, a virgin. Typical Harry, always taking their innocence! Why don't we just go on I'mAVirgin .Com and find someone there for you, they will probably be even more worth it than her! She's like a peasant! WORTHLESS! " I got up and walked over to Louis and hit him in the face. I don't recall how hard or how many times but I had to get taken out by Liam and Zayn had to hold Lou so he wouldn't swing back. "What has gotten into you Harry?! You are not your self lately! You can't even be near Lou for more than 10 minutes without fighting him. Verbally or physically!" I sighed. "Then ask Eleanor." and then I walked to Athena. "Athena.." I put my arms around her. She was sitting there crying with her head resting on her knees. "What?!" She nearly yelled making me jump. She had looked up and looked at me with tears running down her face. "Shh. It's ok" I pulled her close and started stroking her back. "No it's n-nott." She said choking the words out. I stood up and picked her up into a bridal position and carried her upstairs to the guest room she didn't fight back or say anything but just stayed in my arms weeping silently in my chest. Silently. I layed her down and then I layed next to her. I pulled her close and had my arms around her, she just layed there cuddling into me crying. Then I fell asleep.

ATHENA'S P.O.V- My head hurt and I didn't know how many tears I could let out. Harry had fallen asleep so I rested my head against his chest and listened to his heart beat. His heart pace had started up really fast for about ten minutes then went back to normal. I wanted to know why, but it wasn't my business. I slipped out of the bed and walked to the nearest room I listened in the door and it sounded like someone was in there so I knocked. "Come in" It was Niall's voice. I walked in and he was on his guitar singing, he looked up. "Oh, A-athena.." He quickly stopped and started to put his guitar away. "No don't. I want to hear you sing." I grabbed his hand and we both smiled "Oh.. Ok then" He got his guitar adjusted  back into position again and said "Anything specific?" I shook my head "As long as you're singing I don't care" He blushed then looked down and started to play his guitar strumming to 'Little Things'. He was going to sing his solo. He started to sing softly "You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you, you'll never treat yourself right darling, but I want you too.." I started singing with him "If I let you know I'm here for you. Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you, ohh." Then I let him finish the song "and I've just let these little things slip, out of my mouth, 'cause it's you. Oh it's you, it's you, It's you they add up to. And I'm in love with you. And all your little things." Ending the song there. I just sat there staring at him "Niall, that was, oh my gosh. I love it so much more in person. The edited version doesn't even capture the true beauty of your voice." He blushed then looked down "Thanks.." I tilted his head up and looked him in his eyes "Keep your head up prince. Your crown is falling." He laughed then leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back then stopped because of a knocking on the door, I sat back immediately. "Oh, Uh- come in." Lou walked in the room and sighed "Wow, so you're not just a one night stand you're also a whore. Don't think about running to any other of the boys babe. It'll be a regretful choice." Niall stood up "Why are you such an ass Lou?!" He looked shocked as if Niall had never fought against him. "Me an ass? I was the one who told Harry to not go to that fucking club! But he did and brought home a little slut!" Looking at me. Niall slammed Lou against the wall "Don't you dare say that about her!" He shouted causing Zayn to come in. "What the fuck?!" Niall snapped at him "Shut up Zayn!" Zayn stumbled back wide eyed. I couldn't even believe my eyes. "Louis, you have one chance to say sorry to her or I will personally beat the shit out of you." Niall gritted through his teeth. "Say sorry to her? Ha! Like ever." Louis laughed. I ran out of the room not knowing where to go, so I ran downstairs and out the door.

NIALLS P.O.V- "Say sorry to her!" I screamed. "No! I most certainly will not! I hate her!" Louis hasn't even been himself.. The first time he saw Athena he hated her. "Zayn. Out." I gritted. "Why?" I turned around to him "OUT!" He nearly ran out shutting the door. "Last time Louis!" I raised my voice and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. "I'm not scared of you Niall." I broke. I threw him on the ground and I hit him, I punched him in the eye first, then the mouth, he tried fighting back but I had him pinned "NIALL STOP IT." Liam had came in and pulled me off of Louis and I shoved him back going at Lou once more and hitting him in the eye two more times, three more on the mouth making him bleed and, twice on the nose. Zayn came back in the room then grabbing Louis and taking him out of the room. Liam turned me face to face with him "What the hell has gotten into you?!" I sighed. "HARRY." Liam looked confused "What does Harry have to do with this?" Harry stumbled in and I can tell I had just woken him. "W-where's Athena?" Rubbing his eyes and running his hands through his hair than down his neck. "You mean to say she isn't here?" I said. "N-no?" He paused looking confused, "Should she be?" I threw my hands down "Oh my fucking god can this be any worse!" I had feelings for her. Strong ones. I knew she was with Harry but I was going to have her too. Even if it meant sneaking around with her, I didn't care.

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