Hidden Love

Athena. Louis already hates her, Zayn has no respect for her, Niall is in love with her, Liam is her bestfriend, and Harry is dating her. But what happens when he figures out the truth about her and Niall? Her past with Louis? And those late nights with Zayn? Harry understands her and loves her but nothing is worse than him taking her from the others. After all, she is his. (This has some pretty detailed parts too so just a warning!)


4. All over again.


"Athena?" I could hear my name being called out. Probably Harry. I ran out to the park because that is the only familiar place to me around here. "Go away!" I called back. He came and found me behind a tree picking the grass and daisies, "Not until you tell me why Lou hates you so much." I didn't know how to tell him.. I couldn't. I had known Louis before the x factor and before I moved. Louis and I had fancied each other but I never told him I liked him. We had flirted, kissed, held hands. But we were also best friends. I didn't want to ruin that, not ever. But then Eleanor came along. Right when I had pulled the courage to tell him I had liked him he forgot about me, Eleanor was the only thing he loved and spent time with after that, he hurt me so much. I wasn't going to go through another heart break because of him all over again. I sighed "Lou and I have known each other for years. We fancied each other but I never told him I liked him, so he went to Eleanor, and now he thinks I'm using you to get back at him." I put my head in my hands. He walked over and say next to me putting his arm around me. "You aren't doing this to get back at him though are you?" He asked. He seemed as if he was scared of the truth, but I wasn't. "No. I'm not, and don't say 'how do I know you aren't lying?' Because we both know that I was freaking out that you were Styles. This is why." I started to cry silently and he didn't realize it until after he said "Well I don't care what Louis thinks. Hell. I don't even care if you dated 80 something guys! It doesn't matter to me. Athena you are gorgeous and I want you to be my girl friend," I looked up at him and he wiped my tear away. "I get that we barely know each other  but I really want to date you. Forget about Louis. He isn't worth the tears." He hugged me right after and stroked my hair then my back. I knew if I had him Lou wouldn't like it. I looked down "I at least want it to wait.." He looked at me confused, "Us, it should wait. Lou was my best friend and he just needs to get adjusted to us. I've already lost him as a best friend, but I don't want you to either." I put my head on his shoulder and he inhaled deeply "Well.. Where does this put us now? We have already done it." I laughed and shrugged. "I don't know! Friends with benefits?" I said jokingly and smiled at the idea and looked at me seducingly, god how I wanted him so bad. "I like that idea." He said in a low sexy voice, "Styles!" He laughed and picked me up bridal style walking back to the flat I started squirming "Harold! Put me down!" He got back to the flat and pinned me against a wall getting closer "Don't call me Harold. You will regret it." I smirked at him "Harold." He rolled his eyes and threw me on the bed taking my shirt off, I was having fun so I didn't argue back with him. "You will be punished." He said in his deep, sexy voice. "Boo no fun" I pulled him closer and kissed him, I kissed him rougher until he sat up so I was on his lap in a sitting position. Harry had no way of keeping his hands off of me and they were roaming my body. I didn't feel his length get harder until I took his shirt off and started roaming my hands on his stomach, chest, shoulders, and back. I got off of him and slid his pants off leaving him in just his boxers while I was in shorts and a bra. I flipped places with him resuming to kiss him down to his neck leaving love bites. "Athena, stop teasing." He moaned, so I got off of him. "What the? Where are you going?!" He asked when I slipped my shirt back on and headed out the door, "You told me to stop teasing!" I called back

She does it to turn me on even more. She is probably the biggest tease but most understanding person, besides the boys, that I know. Right when she walked out though I heard her talking to Louis, she ran into him "Oh, I- I'm sorry Lou.." He sighed annoyingly "Why are you still here? You know that this won't work out between us." "Woah what?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing Louis say. "I get it Athena, you still like me and when you saw harry at the club you took your chance to get back to me. Athena you have to get over me. I have no respect for you after this, you're going to brake Harry's heart." She laughed "Like you? Lou. I'm so glad that Eleanor came because if something would've happened between us, like we dated, there is no way in HELL I could've stayed with you." "What the hell is that suppose to mean?" He snapped "You are stuck up and snobby, and El must have a lot of patience to be with you." He gasped and I didn't know what to believe, "Louis, tell me again, if I like you so goddamned much why am I still with harry? Huh? If I'm a whore why haven't I done anything with the other guys?" He interrupted her "I found you in Niall's room with him alone." What? No. She wouldn't have done anything with him. No. "With him! I did nothing with him though, I heard him singing so I went in his room and I sang along with him. THAT'S ALL, go ahead and tell Harry for all I care. You need to stop being such a dick Louis, I hate this and I hate you." I heard her stomp off, I couldn't think anything of this with Lou and Athena. It's too much. I wanted to know more about their past. But my main priority is also Niall.

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