Hidden Love

Athena. Louis already hates her, Zayn has no respect for her, Niall is in love with her, Liam is her bestfriend, and Harry is dating her. But what happens when he figures out the truth about her and Niall? Her past with Louis? And those late nights with Zayn? Harry understands her and loves her but nothing is worse than him taking her from the others. After all, she is his. (This has some pretty detailed parts too so just a warning!)


1. Karma .

"Athena come on! We have to go!" Gretchen, my best friend, had yelled. "Hold yourself I'm almost ready! Just three more minutes!" I could hear her sigh all the way downstairs. Was she seriously that anxious to go to a club? No. I couldn't care anyways it happens all the time. You go out, get drunk, and go home with some random hot guy and the rest is all a blur. You lose touch and never think of eachother again. But today Gretch seemed out of it.. More anxious. I grabbed my purse and checked myself in the mirror once more seeing long blonde straightened hair, a tight black sequined mini dress from forever 21, and some strappy 3 inch heels. I went a little low on the makeup only putting on a quick swift with some lip gloss and went down stairs. "My god Athena could you be anymore gorgeous and hard to get?" Gretchen said laughing, "I mean it's a club nothing too dressy." I checked her out "Says the girl with hooped earrings, heels, and a hooker dress!" I started to laugh and she stuck her tongue out at me "No haha. Stop it, I'm serious. You always out beat my looks!" I sighed and grabbed the keys for the car "Don't say that everyone is different. Ok?" She sighed and just nodded her head in agreeance, walking out of the flat and locking the door while I started the car. Once she got in I asked "So what club?" She sat there "Uhm.. There is this new club called Karma I wanted to check out.." She said trailing off. "Ok! Karma it is!" Putting the address into the GPS and I started to drive "So Gretch," I asked "Hmm?" She replied, "Why are you so anxious to go here?" She laughed and looked out the window "This club is one where only certain people are allowed in. Most don't even get in. So I was a little excited.. That means hot boys.. or, or even a celebrity!" I laughed "A celebrity? No, no. No celebrity would goto a club. 'Specially one here in.."I trailed off, "Well fine they would.. but they only go to the high, high classy clubs. Karma doesn't sound very classy, or celebrity worthy.." I sighed. "Athena, you have NO idea. None," she paused, "Anyways it's right there." Pointing to a huge building with a bunch of lights and music. I had been wrong, very wrong. The line for this place nearly flipped around the building going down another block. "I am NOT waiting that long." I pulled the car into a spot past the entrance and got out with her. "Relax with your looks Athena we can just walk in." I looked down. I hated when she used me as an example for thing. "Hey ladies!" I looked up and saw three really, really hot guys. Tanned, and muscular, but not too muscular. They looked like surfers, and knew what they were doing when it came to getting in. "Hello," Gretchen said, "I-I'm Gretchen, and this is my friend Athena.." The guy that talked to us first said "I'm James, this is Keith, and Bryan." They waved to us and we waved back blushing. "Anyways we couldn't notice how long the line was and we wanted to know if you wanted to get in line with us since y'know we are at the front of the line" Gretchen looked at me for approval and I sighed. "I guess.." We got in line with them and I stood next to Kieth while Gretch was talking it up with James. "You got dragged here I'm guessing?" He randomly said "Yeah. I did.. haha you?" He nodded his head "Yeah. I came out here to L.A with my cousins to catch some waves at Huntington Beach but, they wanted to come here tonight. I don't know why." I smiled. "Same, but, she's my best friend and we live in the same flat, and well, I got pulled along. I'm not one to go to big clubs like these usually" I shrugged. He looked as if I just hit him in the face "You don't like clubbing?" I shook my head no, "Oh god. I'm not the only one." We both laughed. Gretchen grabbed my arm mouthing 'Oh my god' I smiled at her and winked. "Next." The Security guy said and counted four of us in, there were five. "I'm sorry we can only hold four more people," The security said looking at one of the boys. I said "It's fine. You guys go in. I'll wait.." I looked at the security and sighed kind of sadly, "Well.. Fine, you can go in too. But just this once." I smiled at him and I could feel him staring at me as I walked past him. "How do you do that?" Keith whispered to me as we went in. "Easy, dress like a slut and act sad but still being pretty." I flashed him a million dollar smile and looked over to the bar. "I'm going to get something to drink you wanna come?" "Nah, I'll be fine. After all, I will be the one to drive the guys home. You go on with out me." I looked at him for assurance and everything in his expression said he didn't want anything to do with me. "Uhm.. ok. It was nice meeting you." I hugged him and he kissed my forehead hugging back saying, "Nice meeting you too." Then he walked away to a group of random girls and I headed to the bar. I looked at the bartender and they weren't really happy. "What can I get you ma'am?" The girl asked as I sat down next to a curly haired boy. "Uhm.. Two shots of tequilla.. Please." She wrote it down but then the boy spoke up "Make that four." The bartender rolled her eyes. "Whatever, coming right up." He turned to me and looked me in the eyes. He was gorgeous. Brown curly hair, green dreamy eyes, perfectly parted lips... I shook my head and he just laughed "I'm harry." He said it in a deep raspy voice. "Athena." I said back, "Like the goddess?" He asked, and I shook my head in agreeance, "A beauiful goddess name for a beautiful goddess like girl." I smiled and blushed, then looked down "Thanks.." "Four shots of tequilla." The bartender said while putting them down in front of us. "Thanks" We both said back and she walked away. I downed them right away. "Can I have three more?" The boy called Harry looked at me wide eyed damn girl. Take it easy." I laughed "S-sorry.. I just want to get drunk then get crazy." She brought three more shots over and I downed them getting a tipsy. "Three more." The lady sighed, but I didn't care. "Get crazy? Hahaha love, what does that mean?" He got closer so I scooted closer too making it pull my dress higher up on my legs. "Y'know, dance, makeout, have sex, go home get laid. Whatever." My voice had started to slur and I downed the last three getting drunk. He inched closer and started tracing circles on my legs and I had started to get chills because of him. "Come home with me then." I sighed ordered four more shots downing them, being wasted and slurred "F-first. We dance." He laughed payed the bartender and took me to the dance floor. He put his arms on my waist from behind me and we started to grind. I looked over and saw Gretchen looking at me stunned but I didn't care and I turned around and grinded with him from the front. "Why are you so gorgeous?" He said turning me back around and kissing my jaw line. I smiled and turned back around and kissed him. "I don't know. Thank my dad for the looks." Kissing him a little rougher. He whispered swiftly in my ear "Let's get out of here" Grabbing my hand. "Lets go back to my flat. Did you drive here?" I nodded. "Can I have the keys?" I shrugged and took him to the car and handed him the keys as he was getting in I didn't feel like waiting for him so I got on top of him when he sat down and kissed him. He pulled back "Later." I sighed and got back into the passenger seat. I wanted him so bad.

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