The wicked King Morbain has driven peace from the land, murdered Merlin and changed the Kingdom of Koran forever.
Meanwhile Morgan, young adventurer, sets out into the world to follow his fate



The new king Morbain had conquered the capital, Caerleon, having beheaded old King Caldaeaux. Now he was King of all Koran. He had bested the great wizard Merlin with the help of the shade, a servant of darkness, a mass of pure evil with the strength of ten men. Compared to magicians who have pure magic – he has none he has absolute control over his magic he is also as strong as ten men but King Morbain is a warlock: a warlock I magician who practices the dark magic

Morbain smiled contentedly to himself. Suddenly there was a clanging of bells; he jumped up as a servant rushed in to the main room exclaiming, “The prisoner, Merlin, has escaped!!”

 “Tell Captain Gerhard to place twenty guards at all exits and tell Dorian to report to me immediately”, commanded Morbain. The servant hurriedly bowed and rushed out. Morbain paced up and down nervously. Alone, he could barely hold Merlin at bay …” Dear God, let Dorian hurry” whispered Morbain to himself. Too late, there was a threatening rasp from behind the throne and then, suddenly, Merlin swept in, out of the tapestry.  “You forget, Morbain”, he spat the word as if it were unclean, “that I have lived here since a boy, this castle is as if my own, I was here before you even knew of my escape”. Merlin sprang forward with “Araz atrable kona at” as a ball of fire shot from his hand. Morbain had to dive out the way… then began a struggle for control and within a thrice Merlin had the upper hand.  He had Morbain on one knee gasping for breath when the door to the throne room banged open. On entering, Dorian Cole shrieked, Merlin was flung forward, Morbain jumped up, regained his composure and with a sneer on his face, that quickly turned to a sneer, and he walked forward to stand over Merlin’s body. Merlin rolled onto his back and professed, with a smile of contempt “I may pass from this world now, but you, though immortal, are known to the knife of magic. My son will come with his tenfold magic and usurp you from your throne of cold, cold stone “and with that the great magician passed from this world.  Morbain glanced at his throne that had been so carefully crafted from the finest oak but was now, alas, cold stone.

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