No Direction

'Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them, but if you follow them them they will lead you to your destiny'
Alannah never new what was going to happen when she moved from Australia to England. When she recieves a scholarship to a top music school, 'Orion Academy', she meets 5 amazingly talented boys and instantly fall in love with one of them, but... how can she cope with their popularity and other girls jealousy? And when she meets a certain someone, all things she has ever known before change.


2. No escape

When I got into my dorm, I saw a girl with blonde-brown hair and an everlasting smile. “Hi, you must be Alannah?” She asked, “Yeah!” I replied and I started to unpack my suitcase. As I was doing that she introduced herself and I found out that she was called Freya. She was also a size 8 so we could share clothes. I reached and pulled off my coat, 2 notes fell out of my pocket. I quickly snatched them up and told Freya that I was going to get ready for bed. I grabbed some sweats and an over-sized shirt before racing to the bathroom and trying not to act suspicious.

I looked at the notes. One was off Niall, his phone number written in sort of- tidy boy scrawl and the other… It was beyond words. It was folded up so many times and when I actually realised what it was I was crying my eyes out. The note read ‘This happened to your mother. Do you want it to happen to you? Never show your face ever again or things are going to get a million times worse.’ There was a picture of my dead mother enclosed, exactly how she had looked when I had first seen her on the floor and the airport. The dark black flowers surrounding her and I just couldn’t think about it anymore. I grabbed my phone out of my back pocket and phoned Niall. “Hello, who is this?” He asked into the receiver “Hey Niall, it’s me, Lana” He must of picked up on the sound of my crying because he asked, “What’s wrong?” And that’s when the tears started falling like a waterfall. “Well, I was at the airport today and…” I told him the whole story. Trying to speak about this was the hardest thing I have ever done. I cried and whispered and can’t believe he actually put up with me in this state. When I had finished I think Niall was speechless. “OMG” He mumbled and said “I’m coming over. Meet me outside your door in 5” “Ok” And then we hung up.

5 minutes later, I heard a faint knock on the door. I knew it was Niall. “Hi” I said and gave him a hug- but then, I realised it wasn’t Niall. The intruded put a gag over my lips and said in a sweet girl’s voice, "don’t make a sound or we will kill your little boyfriend as well". I kept quiet. I couldn’t let Niall get hurt because of me. The strangers dragged me to a van and tied my hands and feet together. There was no escape.


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