No Direction

'Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them, but if you follow them them they will lead you to your destiny'
Alannah never new what was going to happen when she moved from Australia to England. When she recieves a scholarship to a top music school, 'Orion Academy', she meets 5 amazingly talented boys and instantly fall in love with one of them, but... how can she cope with their popularity and other girls jealousy? And when she meets a certain someone, all things she has ever known before change.


1. OMG!

“Alannah, are you ready?” My mum called up the stairs. We were meant to be catching a flight to England soon and I was just sorting out my hair, it was a mess, as per usual. I curled the ends and raced down the stairs, suitcase in hand. “I’m done, Mom” I said trying to find her in the maze of our house. “Kitchen,” She called, and I found her taking our stuff through the back door.

Once every thing was loaded into the car, we began the short journey to the airport. I was going to miss the sun here- I heard it rained nearly all of the time in England.


I had never seen the airport this flipping crowded! People were cramped together like sardines in a tin. They all seemed to be looking at something near security and when I saw the police, I knew it could not be good. “Let us through, Police” The officers shouted and scrambled though the masses of people. I tried to get a closer look and that’s when I saw it, a woman- lying in her own blood. Black Flowers surrounded her. I looked back to see my mother but I couldn’t. I looked at the dead lady’s pale face and I knew those features. So similar to mine. It was my mother, her silver- like eyes were glassed over and her lips changing to a pale shade of blue. I screamed. Silent sobs escaped my lips and then I saw a note by her body. I reached forward to take it. I shoved it in the back pocket of my jeans. And then, I ran. I couldn’t bear to see my mother’s dead body or those strange flowers. I just had to get away. Away from my old life and start a fresh. I felt like a zombie from then on. On the really long flight and finding my new school. It was a boarding school, I had gained a scholarship for the school and my mother had encouraged me to take it. Oh God, my mother.

London was crowded, the streets filled with busy workers. It was all pushing  and shoving. Then, as I turned down a heavily gravelled path, I was met by the sight of an enormous brick building. It looked really old and the students outside all wore the same dark blue blazers and black trousers and skirts. As I got closer to the school, all of the people turned to look at me. Literally ALL. What was it with this place? It was really intimidating how everybody seemed to be watching your every move. I looked up to see a great big sign that read ‘Welcome to Orion Academy’ and a smaller sign underneath that said ‘reception this way’ with an arrow pointing to the right. I followed the sign to a reception. It felt more like a doctor’s surgery as all of the walls were white and there was chairs lining all of the walls. There was a few students loitering there but one caught my attention. He was at the desk talking to a lady with greying hair who I guessed was the administrator. He had blond hair with hark roots showing through at the ends and a smooth Irish accent. I was standing quite close behind him so I could smell his cologne; it reminded me of apples and the woods in autumn. When he had finished talking, he turned and our faces nearly touched but he did knock all of my signing papers out of my hands and they went everywhere. “Omg! I am so sorry” I said to the gorgeous boy, who, I  had found out had icy blue eyes and wore clear braces. He was more amazing than any other boy I had EVER seen. “You ok there?” The boy asked me and I blushed, knowing that I had been staring. “Oh, um, yeah. I’m Alannah, I’m new” I said. “Hi Lana, I’m Niall Horan.” Epp! This really gorgeous guy had just called me Lana and I have only just met him!!

Once we had picked up all of the papers and what not, I stood up and asked the Lady for my schedule and my dorm number. I was staying in room 456. “Cool, you’re in the same block as me!” Niall said and he grabbed my hand a dragged me to my room. “Thanks for all the help Niall.” I said as he handed me a note. “Call me” He said as he walked away down the hall and disappeared into the distance.


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