I Knew You Were Trouble

15 year old Laura just moved back in with her dad. After divorcing her father, Laura's mom gives Laura up, leaving her with her father, and changing her whole life around. It seems as if Laura has a new neighbor, unsuspecting, mysterious, cheeky. They go on quite an adventurous journey, but will love prevail? Find out what happen between Laura and Harry when you read I Knew You Were Trouble. Thanks!!:) -xx


2. That's Random?..

"So tell me all about school! How's it going with Johnny?" Daddy asks me.
"Actually dad, Johnny cheated on me. But I don't care, he got her pregnant anyway." I explain.
"That BITCH." He says, making me spill my tea all over my new jeans and his carpet. Johnny was my boyfriend of 4 years. Since 6th grade. Pretty young, huh. Oh well, He's gone now.
"Dad, surprisingly, you always know what to say."
"Haha, I know right! Charm is all that counts in the Ross Family!" Laura Lillian Ross. That's my full name. I'm 15 now, so yeah. That's my life. "Hey you know what we can do? We can go meet our new neighbors next door! Yeah! They moved in from another house, nice family I suppose. A nice young man, your age I think." Dad suggests the most random of things. I didn't even bring up the neighbors...
"Sure, sounds like fun!" I spit out without thinking. I'm a mess, I just go out of a 4 hour drive from the country, sitting a hot SUV with no air conditioning, and the windows weren't working. I'm a mess, you would think.
"Great!" He says. "Marta! Our coats, please!" She rushes into the room with our coats in one hand, a lint roller in the other.
"Sirrrrr, do you need lint uh rrrroolleerr?" She asks.
"No, I think we'll be fine. Thank you, Marta." We slip on our coats and walk next door.
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