I Knew You Were Trouble

15 year old Laura just moved back in with her dad. After divorcing her father, Laura's mom gives Laura up, leaving her with her father, and changing her whole life around. It seems as if Laura has a new neighbor, unsuspecting, mysterious, cheeky. They go on quite an adventurous journey, but will love prevail? Find out what happen between Laura and Harry when you read I Knew You Were Trouble. Thanks!!:) -xx


10. Isn't She Lovely

Harry and I have had a WONDERFUL day!! We bought 2 disposable cameras for each of us, so we've been snapping pictures all day! We rode a double decker bus and we were the only ones on the top. We took turns posing different ways, so I decided to get in the corner grabbing the railing, and smile really pretty. Harry snapped a picture, and brought the camera down slowly, with a stunned look on his face. "What's wrong Harry?" I ask him and he draws nearer. "Nothing. The way the sun shined through your hair.." He pushed my hair behind my ear, and lifted my chin. "It was beautiful." He kissed me right on the lips. When he pulled away, he checked his watch, and said "We have 2 hours left. Wanna go on the London Eye?" I nodded and turned around, pointing it out. We waited until the bus stopped, so we could get off across the street from the London Eye. We walked up to the line, and I looked up. I gripped his arm really tight, because I was afraid of heights. "What's wrong, babe?" He asks me with worry. My heart skips a beat when he called me babe. "That's... Pretty high up." I respond looking up again. "You can hold my hand, I promise I won't let go." He smiles down at me, and slips his hand into mine. This actually makes me feel safe. I don't know why or how, but it does. We reach the front if the line, and we board. I grip Harry's hand even tighter. We go near the side, and he take a picture of me near the window. He smiles a big grin, and stands near the window with me. I grip the rail really tight just in case... Something happens.. Even though something might not.. We start to go up, and we stop at the very top. At this point, my eyes are glued shut, so I don't have to look down. I feel Harry's warm breath on my neck as he leans close to me. "Open your eyes. It's amazing." He whispers. I open one eye slowly, then both. We're really far up, but it IS amazing!! I can see Big Ben behind us, and the London Bridge in front of us. I can see everything from up here!! "There's a camera!" He points out a little clock ticking down to take a picture. He turns my cheek and plants his lips on mine until we see the flash of the camera. I smile up at him, "This day was amazing, Harry. Thank you!" I jump up into his arm for a hug. "It was my pleasure! I hope we can do it again!" We start going down, and I'm not Ben scared anymore. That was fantastic! "Harry, you've helped me overcome my fear of heights!!" I exclaim with excitement, I can do so much more now! He smiles at me and shakes his curls, looking down at the ground. As we get off, we start to hear a guitar on the corner of the street. The man has looks a bit homeless and he has what seems to be a black lab, with him. He starts playing Isn't She Lovely, by Stevie Wonder. I know this song because Dad used to sing it to me as he tucked me into bed when I was much younger. The man doesn't sing though. But Harry does. "Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she precious? Less than one minute old. I can't believe what God has done, through us he's given life to one. But isn't she lovely made from love?" I stare at him in shock. He just stands there smiling as people around us clap and whistle and put money into the man's open guitar case. "HARRY! THAT WAS AMAZING!" I exclaim loudly. "You're GREAT!! You never told me that you could sing!!" "I've never told anyone, except Gemma and mum. But I guess they've known." He says it like it's nothing. "You need to audition for something. You're gonna be famous someday. I can see it." I say to him as we make our way back to the bus station. From there on out, I'm going to do everything I can to get him out there. To get him noticed.
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