I Knew You Were Trouble

15 year old Laura just moved back in with her dad. After divorcing her father, Laura's mom gives Laura up, leaving her with her father, and changing her whole life around. It seems as if Laura has a new neighbor, unsuspecting, mysterious, cheeky. They go on quite an adventurous journey, but will love prevail? Find out what happen between Laura and Harry when you read I Knew You Were Trouble. Thanks!!:) -xx


6. I'm Late!!

*RING RING* My alarm is going INSANE! I'm SOO not in the mood... 5 more minutes won't hurt...

Harry's POV

Where's Laura?! I've been standing out at the bus station waiting for her... It's supposed to be here in 10 minutes... I decided to give her a ring on my cell phone. *ring....ring....* It rings 4 times before she answers. "Uh.. Hello?" She says with a sleepy voice. "Rise and Shine, Laura! The bus comes in 10 minutes!!" I quietly scold her. "Oh.. Shiz..! Harry! I'm sorry! I've over slept! I'll be there!! I promise!" She hangs up. She sounds sexy when she's sleepy..

Laura's POV

Oh God! I'll be late for the bus!! I rush out of bed and grab my red plaid shirt and throw on our school's navy blue sweater over it. I grab the blue skirt and some high socks that match and I throw them on in a big rush. I dive into the bathroom and quickly comb my hair and put a headband on, and brush my teeth while putting some makeup on. I wanna look decent for Harry, right? My stomach fills with butterflies at the thought of his name.. I've fallen for him.. I just hope someone prettier at school won't catch his attention.. I literally fall down the stairs and grab my red coat off the coat rack, and my new backpack out from the closet. My shoes, oh my shoes are a different story. They're these big, clunky, black Amish style shoes. They're AWFUL. "BYE DADDY! BYE MARTA!" I shout out, and I rush out the door to the bus station a block away. I notice Harry first. Standing there in his matching school sweater and his long khakis, his hands in his pockets, staring off into space. His bag is slung over his shoulder and his hair is curly, brown hair is a mess. A beautiful mess he is.. He turns his head and notices me! "Laura! You're here! I thought I was gonna have to ride the bus with a stranger." His voice is pure and a bit scratchy, sexy scratchy. He opens his arms for a hug, and I gladly accept. I catch a whiff of his cologne again, it smells just how I remember. Everything about Harry screams 'sexy'. I look up and state into his beautiful, emerald eyes. "I needed a hug. Thank you." He pulls away slightly and lifts my chin up to his with two fingers. "I've been waiting for ages to do this again." He leans down and plants his soft, warm lips against mine for a whole three seconds before I start to kiss him back. I push him away, and smile at the ground. "You're absolutely gorgeous. Laura, I think I might be crushing on you." BUTTERFLIES. THEY'RE BACK. MY STOMACH FLOODS WITH THEM. "I like you too, Harry." I smile at his wonderful face. He pecks me on the lips once more and I huddle close to him for warmth. He wraps his arms around my waist, so I I hug his body. I just met this boy yesterday, and he's already the boy of my dreams.
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