I Knew You Were Trouble

15 year old Laura just moved back in with her dad. After divorcing her father, Laura's mom gives Laura up, leaving her with her father, and changing her whole life around. It seems as if Laura has a new neighbor, unsuspecting, mysterious, cheeky. They go on quite an adventurous journey, but will love prevail? Find out what happen between Laura and Harry when you read I Knew You Were Trouble. Thanks!!:) -xx


13. I Know Where You Live!

Laura's POV

I lead Harry and Dad to the family room, and sit them both down. I sit down right next to Harry. "Dad, you met Harry yesterday. Right?.." I ask him, already knowing the answer though. "Of course. You're a bright young man, Harry!" "Thank you, Mr. Ross." Harry replies as my father nods. "So on our walk yesterday, Harry and I became really.. Good friends." I don't know where I'm going with this. "When I took Laura on that walk, I really felt something with her. She's not like any girl I've ever met. Now, we walked and we talked and I got to know her very well. I walked her right up to that door and kissed her. She's the first girl in my life that I adore. What's not to adore? She's very pretty and smart, and I know that we might be moving too fast, but sir, I promise that we were meant to be together. And I promise to keep her safe. I just need your word." Harry says, almost saving my life. Those words... Those words just changed my whole view of him. I look over at Dad, and he's got a big smile on his face. He stands, and so does Harry, and he gives him a hug, and pats him on the back. "You protect her. I trust you. Don't ever, EVER, hurt her. I know where you live." He say joking around. Oh boy.. All I do is sit there kind of awkward, but very happy! Dad approves of Harry... He approves!! I stand up and jump into Harry's arms hugging him tightly. I bury my face in his neck and inhale his sweet scent.

Harry's POV

As I'm walking back home, I can't help but smile! Laura's father approves of us! I guess I thought he was the overprotective kind.. Maybe not as much as I thought! But what I need to process... Is the fact that I have a girlfriend. An actual girlfriend! Not like any other of my previous girlfriends, but one who I actually care about. Who I don't want other guys staring at. Who I want to protect with all my power as her boyfriend. I'm a boyfriend... I'm HER boyfriend. And I wouldn't wanna be anyone else's. I push through our front door and mum sits on the couch with Gemma, watching some overly dramatic soap opera. "You were gone for a while! Where'd you go?" Gemma questions, not taking her eyes off of the tellie. "I was just.. Over with Laura.." I quietly respond while grabbing a cup of tea. "OOOOO DOES HAWWY HAVE A GIWLFWIEND?" Gemma says rushing over to me, poking my sides until I laugh. She knows where I'm ticklish, so she can always use it against me. I fall to my knees laughing in pain, "YES!! Jealous?" I laugh in her face. "Actually.. I was asked out on a date today at school!" She pipes up. "Really? Who would date you!!!" I say jokingly. "Ha ha very funny." She walks back to the couch where mum is asleep, but I looks like she's awake... She tends to fall asleep like that. One minute she's awake, the next she's asleep. I look down to my feet to find Dusty walking in between my legs. I bend down and stroke his furry, black back. I get back up and walk myself over to the fridge and grab some cut slices of an apple. I bite into the crescent cut fruit and savor its sweet taste. I finish the rest of the apples and run up the stairs. In exhausted from today so I decide to take a nap. A few minutes won't hurt...
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