I Knew You Were Trouble

15 year old Laura just moved back in with her dad. After divorcing her father, Laura's mom gives Laura up, leaving her with her father, and changing her whole life around. It seems as if Laura has a new neighbor, unsuspecting, mysterious, cheeky. They go on quite an adventurous journey, but will love prevail? Find out what happen between Laura and Harry when you read I Knew You Were Trouble. Thanks!!:) -xx


5. Flicker the Lights

Harry's POV

I walk inside to find mum and Gem sitting at the kitchen counter eating what looks like lasagna. "You were out late. How was your 'walk'?" Gemma puts walk in quotations. I stand there and smile at the ground, I can feel my face go red. "She's wonderful. Beautiful.. Elegant... WONDERFUL." I smile and their faces are in shock. "Wow Harry, you really like this girl, don't you?" Mum asks. "More than any other girl I've ever met! Mum, she's different." No words can describe how much I've fallen for her beautiful long brown hair, and her big brown eyes. The freckles that touch perfection and her soft, warm lips. I can't get her out of my head. "You've really fallen for her in the past... 7 hours!! Harry, oh baby, you've gotten it bad!" Mum comes over and hugs me, but I push her away, and run up the stairs singing, " ISN'T SHE LOVELY?! ISN'T SHE WONDERFUL!!" I run over to my room down the hall and sit on my bed. I open my curtains and see a light in the house next door on. That's Laura's house... I see her sitting at her window too, so I run over to the light switch and flicker it a few times. I rush back over to the window and see that she flickered her lights too, signifying that she saw it was me.

Laura's POV

I was sitting by my window... Pft.. I wasn't staring at Harry's house or anything... Who am I kidding. Yes I was. When I saw his lights flicker, I think he saw me.. So I flickered back! I open my window so maybe we can talk. "Hi Harry." I say with a smile. "Laura! Hi! Your hair looks.. Beautiful like that." I look at my side braid and smile at him. "Thank you Harry!" I reply so it doesn't seem weird for us. "Laura, I-" he starts, but is interrupted by Marta. "Laurrra! Arrre you hongrrrrry?" She asks me, as she's holding a tray with a sandwich and strawberry lemonade with a fancy little umbrella on it. "Uh... Marta, that would be wonderful." I accept the tray of food and she quickly shoos out of the room. "Who's that?" Harry asks as he leans back in his chair. "Oh that's just Marta.. She's our house keeper.." "You have a HOUSE KEEPER?!" He exclaims with excitement. "Haha yeah! She's more like family now, though." I quickly realize that it's actually Sunday, so I have my first day of school tomorrow. "Harry, I have to go now, we have school tomorrow!" He looks like he realizes it too. "Oh right.. Haha don't wanna be late on the first day!" It's not really the FIRST first day, but it's still OUR first day. "Alright, goodnight, Harry." I say with a smile as I put my hands on the window pane. "Goodnight, Lovely Laura." He says in a sort of fancy way, adding a wink at the end. I smile and pull the windows back in and lock them tight, and pull my vanity curtains closed, but not all the way. I think... After today... I might be falling for that cheeky lad.
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