Love By Chance

Lorraine and Leah are starting their first year of college in the beautiful city of London. By chance they both meet gorgeous guys called Louis and Harry. Sparks quickly fly and they soon head off to Paris to spend their October mid-term with their friends Niall, Liam and Zayn. By chance they too get neatly paired off when they meet Nicole, Felicity and Audrey. Everything seems to be very happy dappy while they're enjoy their romantic and fun time in the city of love but, for how long?


28. The Secret Roof-Top Garden


Lorraine P.O.V

 “Wow, this place is filled with all my favourite shops!” Leah squeaked as we got out of a taxi and looked up at the magnificent sight before us. We were standing in the middle of a pedestrian cobbled-stone street which was swarming with people, large cement middle-aged buildings surrounded the street keeping it nice and cosy. Looking up to the top of the shops would have caused mild back pains as you had to bend over backwards so far, that’s how tall they were. “Where to first?” I asked Leah as we walked down the street passing shops like Dolce and Gabbana, Abercrombie and Fitch and Topman. “OMG, let’s go to Miss Selfridge!!”. The day’s excitement has just begun!

Louis P.O.V

 “Well, Harry we should do something nice for the girls when they get back from their shopping trip. They’ll probably be very tired!”. “You know what? I was checking out the roof of our apartment the other day and I discovered a beautiful open-air garden, like basically a garden on a roof, and it’s completely secret! It’s a secret garden!” Harry said almost near to a whisper. “I was thinking that we put up some fairy lights, set out a table and have a secret, romantic dinner for the four of us. I thought it would be nice considering were leaving in two days?”. “That sounds like a great idea Harry! But first we should go out and buy some new attire for tonight, then buy some food and then come back here before the girls to prepare everything!” I said to Harry as he took out his phone. “Okay, I’ll just text Leah and ask what time they’ll be home at”.

Leah P.O.V

 “I just got a text from Harry, he’s asking what time we’ll be home at? Should I say six o'clock?” I asked Lorraine as we were browsing through the racks in a Roxy store. “Yeah, six sounds good. Why are they asking?”. “I’ve just sent a reply asking exactly that”. “Ooh, Leah how does this red dress look on me? Do you think it suits me?” “It’s absolutely gorgeous, you should so totally buy it-. Oh! I got a reply! They say ‘It’s a surprise and wear something nice!’. “Well I might just buy it then!” And we both let out a giggle.

Harry P.O.V

 “As you know Louis, I have an amazing sense of style, so where else to go than to the place where I shop the most? Where is that you ask? Well, Topman of course!” I said as I began my speech. “Yeah yeah, come on Harry! It’s already 1 o'clock, we need to get a move on! Did you order the fairy lights and the outdoor dinner table yet?”. “Yeah, don’t fret! It’s all taken care of! Now we should go out and buy some clothes, I was thinking that you should wear-”. “Okay Harry!” Next thing I knew, I was being dragged out the door at a hundred miles an hour, obviously heading to Topman!

Niall P.O.V

 “Come in, come in!” Nicole said to me as she opened the door to her apartment. “I stopped by at the nearest McDonald's and bought you a happy meal, considering you were all ‘happy dappy’ on the phone to me earlier I thought that you would like it” I said as I took out the box from behind my back and presented it to her. “Oh Niall! You really didn't have to!” I put my hand in the box and took out what looked like a small dinosaur. It most of came with the happy meal. I started moving the toy dinosaur's mouth up and down and started speaking in a makey-upy voice. "Hello Nicole. You look really beautiful today". She giggled and it must be contagious because I couldn't help but laugh myself. It was perfect, she was perfect.  And before I could stop myself I pressed my lips to hers, putting my arms around her hips, hoping my conscience paid off. She kissed me back, filling me with warmth I had never felt with any other girl before, I felt like I was on Venice Beach, kissing Nicole, with fireworks parading the skies behind us, lighting up the evening with bright and beautiful colours. Immediately then did I know that this was the girl I wanted to be with.

Zayn P.O.V

 “Are you all ready?” I asked Audrey as we left her apartment and headed down to the lobby of her complex. “Yeah, I think I’ve got everything!”. We thought we’d take a day trip up to Le Havre, just a two hour train ride from Paris. It’s supposed to be a beautiful beach-side town and what better way to spend the sunny day but at the beach? “Did you leave a message saying where we’re gone?” she asked me as we entered ‘Le Gare du Nord’. “Yeah, I left a message with Liam, you know, he’s like the most sensible of the lot!” “Perfect! Today is going to me great” Audrey said as she gave me a kiss on the lips, a warm heart-filled kiss that brought me to cloud nine. Even though it was only a quick kiss, it was definitely something I could get used to!

Liam P.O.V

 “Mhh, those were delicious pancakes!” Felicity said as she took the last bite of the pancakes that I made her. “I never knew you could make them so tasty! Compared to mine, yours are like way better”. “It’s all about the technique and timing! If you don’t put the pancake onto the pan while it’s really hot, it won’t be nice and crispy!” I said as I started to give her lessons on pancake making. “You have a little bit more pancake batter on your lips, Liam. Why don’t I just-”. And then she kissed me, sending shock-waves through my whole entire body. I never felt so happy in my life, all my thoughts just left my head and all I could think about was being here with Felicity in my arms. Everything fit, we were meant to be. (And then I got the text from Zayn!!)

Lorraine P.O.V

 “We’re home!” I called out as soon as we entered our apartment. We we’re extremely tired after that really long day of shopping. We both came home with about ten bags of clothes each, from shops like Hollister, Topshop, Tommy Hilfiger, Miss Selfridge and Diesel. “We’re home!” Leah screamed from the top of her head again, but there was no answer. We searched the whole apartment looking for a sign of to where Harry and Louis might be. “Lorraine!” Leah called out. “I’ve found a note”. “What does it say?” I asked as I ran into the kitchen, slightly panting. “To our two lovely ladies, put on the outfits we asked you to buy today and meet us outside the apartment in twenty minutes! From, your two smoking hot boyfriends”. “Ahhh!” Leah suddenly screamed. “We only have twenty minutes, hurry!!”.

*20 minutes later*

 Knock knock. “Lorraine, can you get the door! I’m not ready yet!” Leah screamed from the bathroom where she was putting on make-up. I was already set and ready to go. I put on the red strapless, body-con dress that goes to just about my knee, I was wearing black wedges that had silver jewels all over it. For my hair I curled it and pinned it over to one side and it hung loosely, and for make-up I was wearing my usual foundation but this time I put on some black eyeliner and mascara. That only took me about fifteen minutes to do, Leah on the other hand, still had a lot to do (as usual). I opened the door and who else could it have been but the gorgeous Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson! “Good evening babe” they both greeted me. “You look stunning, as usual” Louis said to me giving me a twirl and a kiss. “Leah still getting ready I presume?” Harry said walking over to our room and knocking. “Leah, babe, are you ready?”. And just then Leah walked out wearing a bright blue skater dress that went to her knee, grey suede high heels and her hair tied up in a messy side bun with strands of her wavy hair falling out by the sides of her ears. “Wow” was all Harry managed to say.

 “Are we almost there yet?” Leah asked sounding a little agitated. “These heels are 6 inches high!”. “Only 4 more steps babe” Harry said whilst holding her hand guiding up the concrete stairs to the roof of our complex. Harry and Louis both blindfolded us before leaving the apartment so that we wouldn't see where they were taking us and because this all was a surprise! “Are you alright?” Louis whispered into my ear. “A kiss would help” I said while smirking. He didn’t even reply, he just pressed his lips to mine and we both stopped, caught up in the moment. “Ahem, Louis, we’re here!” Harry said suddenly.

 Louis and Harry untied our blindfolds as soon as we got to where ever they were taking us. “Oh my” I said. “This place is beautiful!” The sight before our eyes was magnificent. We were on the roof of the apartment complex, it was like a hidden garden. There were flowers everywhere, a little gazebo and a roof covered by grape vines which also had fairy lights woven in between them, lighting up the whole place. In the centre of all of this there was a table, set for four people and food laid out on it. The view was another breath stealer, the Eiffel Tower was standing smack in the centre, lighting up the whole evening sky. There was a fresh smell of wine and cakes from the restaurants below us. This place was perfect.

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