Love By Chance

Lorraine and Leah are starting their first year of college in the beautiful city of London. By chance they both meet gorgeous guys called Louis and Harry. Sparks quickly fly and they soon head off to Paris to spend their October mid-term with their friends Niall, Liam and Zayn. By chance they too get neatly paired off when they meet Nicole, Felicity and Audrey. Everything seems to be very happy dappy while they're enjoy their romantic and fun time in the city of love but, for how long?


17. The Second Date


Lorraine P.O.V

 After buying our outfits for tonight Louis and I went to get some lunch. Then at half three we decided to head back to the apartment. Instead of getting a taxi we walked. It was really nice for just the two of us, to hold hands and walk home. “So how is school going for you?” I asked him genuinely interested. “Well, drama isn't a difficult subject, it’s quite fun actually!” Louis is a very dramatic person, who can come up with the most random things sometimes so drama really suited him, and I was glad he was enjoying it. “And you bumble bee? Astrophysics?”. “It’s very good! It’s really difficult but if you love it then it makes it a lot easier!” I said blushing. Louis actually loves astrophysics as well, but he said he'd prefer to pursue a career in drama. He wanted to become the next Shakespeare of the 21st century. I couldn't help but giggle at his remark. “Louis, if your Shakespeare then I’m Neil Armstrong!” I said to him sarcastically.

Later that evening

 “Leah! Are you ready yet?” I shouted down the hall to her. “Noooo!!!! 5 more minutes!” she shouted back. It was half past 6 and Louis and Harry were coming over any minute now to take us out to dinner. “They're going to be here any minute now!” I finally shouted back. This situation reminded me of our very first date with Louis and Harry, typical of Leah to be “fashionably late” as she'd put it.

 After Louis and I walked home from our day of shopping we said goodbye to each other, but that was only 3 hours ago so it wasn't much of a goodbye! This outing is to celebrate our relationships which I am really looking forward to. It’s also a surprise as we don’t know where they're taking us.

 My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. When I opened the door I wasn't surprised to find Harry and Louis dressed up all nicely on the other side. “Come inside, Leah’s still getting ready” I said letting them in. “Typical” Harry mumbled with a smirk on his face. Louis gave me a kiss on the cheek “Hello buttercup” he said. I had to giggle, I couldn't help it. The nicknames he comes up with. “What?” he said sarcastically. “Don’t you like it?” he asked me. “No, I love it Lou, but they're just so funny!” I said giggling. “I need one for you! How about pooh bear? Or even better, Lou bear?” I said clutching my stomach, I was having so much fun coming up with names for him. I was almost about to fall over with laughter when Louis picked me up and kissed me. “I love it” he whispered to me. Just then Leah decides to make her grand entrance into the kitchen. “I'M READY!!!” she announces, oblivious to the fact that Louis and Harry were already here. “Oh my, I didn't know ye were here” she said blushing. Harry walked over and gave her a kiss. “Shall we go?” Louis said eventually. “Where are we going? I asked, looking up into his blue eyes. “It’s a surprise” he smirked at me.

Louis P.O.V

 The restaurant that we're taking Lorraine and Leah is called “The White Hart” which is only a two minutes walk from our apartments. Leah and Lorraine looked gorgeous! Lorraine was wearing the outfit that we had bought earlier today and Leah was wearing a white body-con dress with black heels. I could tell Harry looked blown away. We had reserved a table for four at 7 and we made it just in time. The place looked magical. It was nice and warm (probably because there was a fire lit) and there was a man playing the piano. The waitress brought us to our table and we order our food. Leah and I had the pesto pasta while Harry had lasagne and Lorraine had egg fried rice. The food was delicious! For dessert we all had the dark chocolate mousse with strawberries and cream. “I would like to make a toast!” Harry said raising his glass of wine. “To us, for the wonderful friends we have all made, to have and to hold forever and for always, may we enjoy our college years and look back and say “those were the days!”. “Cheers!” everyone said in tune. “I can't wait to go to Paris!” Lorraine said. “It’s going to be so much fun!”. I looked over to Lorraine and smiled at her, she smiled back and I gave her a quick kiss. “Well, how about we go get our dance on?” Harry asked us. “Yay!” Leah said clapping her hands. Lorraine looked over to me wondering if I wanted to go dancing. “I think I'll take Lorraine for a walk” I said looking over to her and giving her a wink. She let out a little giggle and smiled. “Okay then! If you say so!” Harry said. “Are you sure Lorraine? The night clubs over here are wicked!” Leah asked Lorraine. “I’m sure” she smiled back. We paid for the food and then separated our ways. “Don't be too late now Leah, you've got school tomorrow!” Lorraine said to Leah while giving her a hug. “Don't worry, and since when did you become my mom?” she giggled. “Since you came over to London” Lorraine giggled back.

Lorraine P.O.V

 “So where are we going?” I asked Louis as we walked away from Harry and Leah. “Well, I thought we'd go to Carrot Park, considering it’s only down the road from here” he said holding onto my hand. I smiled. I should have known that, but I guess you can't blame me, I mean, it was dark. We got to Carrot Park within five minutes. “Oh Louis” I gasped as I saw the view. There were lights in the trees, lighting up the whole park, and the river was so calm and quiet, it was so romantic! “May I have this dance?” Louis asked me, bowing and handing out his hand. “You may” I said taking hold of it. We danced by the river for a while, just Louis and I, all alone, together. I had this sudden urge to just reach up and kiss Louis and that was exactly what I did. I put my two hands on his face and kissed him. We lay down on the grass kissing for a while. It felt so good, so right. I wanted to stop time and stay like this forever. After a while I pulled out and smiled at him, his beautiful blue eyes glistened in the dark, and his smile, it was to die for. “You know what Lorraine?” he said after a while. “Yeah?” I said smiling. “Do you see that star up there? “If I could reach up and grab it, I’d bring it down here and give it to you”. “Louis-” I said before he interrupted me by kissing me. I kissed back, not wanted to ever let go. We lay on the grass for a while, just looking up at the stars and the moon. Everything was perfect, I never felt so sure about anything in my whole entire life. “I love you Louis” I said putting my hand on his cheek and giving him one final kiss.

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