Love By Chance

Lorraine and Leah are starting their first year of college in the beautiful city of London. By chance they both meet gorgeous guys called Louis and Harry. Sparks quickly fly and they soon head off to Paris to spend their October mid-term with their friends Niall, Liam and Zayn. By chance they too get neatly paired off when they meet Nicole, Felicity and Audrey. Everything seems to be very happy dappy while they're enjoy their romantic and fun time in the city of love but, for how long?


9. Louis Mini Revolution


Louis P.O.V

Last night was great! I had fallen in love with this amazing girl, Lorraine. I woke up this morning to find Harry up before me. This was sort of odd as he’s normally not a morning person and he went to bed later then me! I got dressed into my beige chinos and a white t-shirt and went into the kitchen. “Good morning Hazza” I said trying to sound enthusiastic. “Morning Boo Bear, how’d you sleep?” he asked sitting down in front of the television. “I slept fine, at least I think so”-Some questions I can just never find an appropriate answer to. “I’m heading over to Leah’s in a few minutes, I’m taking her out for the day so I won’t be home until tonight, just so you know” Harry said. Those two must have hit it off really well last night. “How was your walk with Lorraine?” he asked now turning off the television and coming over to sit next to me. “It was great, we fell into the duck pond though” I said smiling. He got up and made me a cup of tea. “Thanks Harry” I said. “No problem”. “Lorraine is a beautiful girl, Harry. I get butterflies in my stomach when I think of her. I just don’t know what to do next?” I said starting to sound more serious. “Well, I’m taking Leah out, so that leaves Lorraine all alone over at her place. Call over after I’ve gone. And do something with her”. Harry said handing me the tea.”Yeah, I should!” I said standing up and having my own mini revolution. I ran down to my room to get ready, completely forgetting about the tea Harry had made me. “Thanks Harry!”  I said shouting back behind me. What would I do without him? “No problem” he said. “I’m going to go over now, so don’t be too long, maybe if you call over at eleven? We should be gone by then!” and with that Harry was out the door. I went into the bathroom to see if I looked presentable enough. After that I turned on my laptop to try and find something to do with Lorraine. I googled “stuff to do in London” and the first thing I found was a cruise down the river Thames. That was perfect! I was going to go take Lorraine on a cruise. I’m sure she would love it! I ordered two tickets and printed them out. The cruise began at one o'clock so we had plenty of time. It was only half ten so to kill some time, I tidied the kitchen and filled the dishwasher. Harry was so lucky to have me! And I was so lucky to have him! I grabbed the tickets and stuffed them in my pocket and at five to eleven, I left my apartment and went down the corridor to Lorraine’s apartment.

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