Love By Chance

Lorraine and Leah are starting their first year of college in the beautiful city of London. By chance they both meet gorgeous guys called Louis and Harry. Sparks quickly fly and they soon head off to Paris to spend their October mid-term with their friends Niall, Liam and Zayn. By chance they too get neatly paired off when they meet Nicole, Felicity and Audrey. Everything seems to be very happy dappy while they're enjoy their romantic and fun time in the city of love but, for how long?


20. Landing In Paris


Lorraine P.O.V

 “Hey look guys! I can see Paris in the distance!!” I screamed as soon as I was able to see the Eiffel Tower from my airplane window. “Oh my god, I can see it too!” Leah screamed from in front of me. The guys just giggled.

Liam P.O.V

 “Hey Zayn, You alright there mate? I asked him because I could see that he was shaking. “Yeah, it’s just the interview. I hope they like me, and will want to hire me” Zayn said. “They'd be crazy not to Zayn, you totally have what it takes to become a model, and when you do you can bring us to Paris every midterm” I said jokingly trying to make him look on the Brightside. “Look! Were about to land!” Leah screamed from her seat. The intercom suddenly made a buzzing noise “Ladies and Gentlemen we are about to land at Charles de Gaulle International Airport, please make sure you have your seatbelts in and all mobile phones turned off. Thank you for flying with Ryanair” a flight-attendant said. Suddenly there was a lot of shuffling as people began to make themselves comfortable for the landing. Zayn suddenly grabbed my hand “I hate landing” he said nervously. “Don't worry Zayn, everything is fine” I said reassuringly.

Harry P.O.V

 The landing was a swift one. I knew Zayn didn't like that part of a flight, so I was glad when it wasn't that bumpy. I saw him clutching onto Liam’s hand, it looked so cute, he looked so scared. Once the plane had landed we got off and went into the airport to collect our bags. “Bonjour, bonjour” everyone was saying to us. “Leah, did we bring a dictionary with us? I whispered to her as I smiled to all the nice people. “Bonjour, ca va? Je suis Leah” Leah said. “What?” I giggled. “We don't need a dictionary love, I am your translator. I studied French for 5 years” she said with a smirk on her face. “Lorraine has French too”. I looked over to Louis who had the same look on his face as me, shock. Lorraine and Leah just giggled. We collected our bags and went out to the entrance to get a taxi. It was 3 o'clock now. Zayn had plenty of time before his interview so we decided to all go to the apartment.

Lorraine P.O.V

 Leah and I studied French in secondary school back in Ireland. We both got an A in it for the Leaving Certificate. We never thought we'd actually make it to France, so we never spoke it, but now we're here and it feels great! We got into the taxi. “Où êtes-vous aller?” the taxi driver said to us. Harry, Zayn, Niall and Louis just looked at each other. Leah and I just giggled. “65 Avenue de la Motte-Picquet s'il vous plait” Liam said acting completely normal. “Liam!” Leah and I said in tune “You can speak French too?” “Yes I can” he said with a smirk.

 We got to our apartment for a quarter to 4. We signed in at the lobby and then went up to the apartment. We got the penthouse suite, probably courtesy of Vogue. The view from here was amazing. You could see the Eiffel Tower from Leah’s and mine balcony. From Liam and Niall’s room you could see over the river. From Zayn’s room you could see all the skyscrapers to the north of the Eiffel Tower, one of those buildings being Vogue headquarters and from Harry and Louis room you could see the gorgeous parks to the south of us. We had a huge kitchen connecting with a very modern dining room. The main room was the sitting room which was in an octagonal shape, each corner having a door leading into another room. It was a big and very spacious room, and trust me, it was cluttered in a matter of hours.

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