Love By Chance

Lorraine and Leah are starting their first year of college in the beautiful city of London. By chance they both meet gorgeous guys called Louis and Harry. Sparks quickly fly and they soon head off to Paris to spend their October mid-term with their friends Niall, Liam and Zayn. By chance they too get neatly paired off when they meet Nicole, Felicity and Audrey. Everything seems to be very happy dappy while they're enjoy their romantic and fun time in the city of love but, for how long?


13. "Even If The World Was Going To End"


Lorraine P.O.V

 It was getting late by now, so I decided to hit the hay. I had a very long day and so did Leah. She seemed a bit upset earlier so I went into her room to see if I could squeeze some information out of her. “Hi Leah, may I come in?” I asked peeking my head in the door. “Sure” she replied sounding obviously upset. I went over and sat next to her on her bed. “Leah, is this about Harry?” I asked wrapping an arm around her. “Just when I saw you and Louis kissing, you guys looked perfect for each other and I thought that me and Harry had something going, but I guess I was wrong” she said with tears beginning to flow. “Leah, I asked Louis if he wanted to by my boyfriend, he didn't ask me. Maybe you should ask Harry?” I said sounding hopeful. I gave her a big bear hug and a kiss on the forehead and left her room. I was absolutely worn out from today. I went into my room, put on my pajamas and went straight to bed.

Harry P.O.V

 “I’m going to go to bed now” I said to Louis coming in our apartment door. “Sure, goodnight Hazza” he said in reply. I've really fallen head over heels for Leah, I love her. Not like any other girl that I've said “I love you” to. Obviously if I had the courage to say it to them, I didn't really mean it. But Leah, she’s caught me by surprise, she takes my breath away whenever I see her. I really, truly love her, and want to spend the rest of my life with her. But I haven't gotten it off to a good start. We had a great day today, I was planning on expressing my feelings for her when we were on the London Eye but I just couldn’t. I lost the words, they wouldn't come out. Back at her apartment I could see the disappointment in her eyes, it tore me apart. I whacked my head off the wall in my room several times for not expressing my feelings for her today. I had so many chances but I blew every single one of them. Tomorrow, I'm going to tell her tomorrow. Even if the world was going to end, nothing was going to stop me from telling her. Now I just needed to find a way how. It was getting late by now, and Louis was already asleep so I decided to go to bed as well. I put on my pajamas and was fast asleep before I knew it.

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