Love By Chance

Lorraine and Leah are starting their first year of college in the beautiful city of London. By chance they both meet gorgeous guys called Louis and Harry. Sparks quickly fly and they soon head off to Paris to spend their October mid-term with their friends Niall, Liam and Zayn. By chance they too get neatly paired off when they meet Nicole, Felicity and Audrey. Everything seems to be very happy dappy while they're enjoy their romantic and fun time in the city of love but, for how long?




Lorraine P.O.V

I arrived home from my first day of college at around 5. It was a long first day and I couldn't wait to tell Leah all about it. I couldn't stop thinking about that guy that I bumped into in the corridor this morning. After I had eventually found where to go for my first day, which wasn't very far away, near enough to Whitehall where Leah is, just around the corner near the Covent Garden. It took about a 20 minute walk for me to get home.

 When I arrived back in our apartment I was absolutely famished so I decided to cook some dinner, only to find out that we didn't have any food! “Crap, I completely forgot about buying some groceries today!” Well, I could only hope Leah remembered! Which for some reason I highly doubted because she is very forgetful. I picked up my phone and gave her a buzz. Ring….ring….ring… “Hello?”. “Hey Leah, where are you?”. “Oh hey Lorraine, well I’m down in the Lobby, I have something to tell, you! I’ll be up in a second!!”. “Okay, bu-”. She sounded very excited, but she never let me finish! I ran out the door and down the stairs as quick as I could. I should really find the elevator, it might come in handy sometime. Going two steps at a time, I managed to get down to the lobby pretty fast, just in time to catch Leah. “Leah!!!” I shouted, almost tripping on the last step. There was another person next to her and they were chatting away, he had curly brown hair and a gorgeous smile! They were standing next to the elevator waiting for it I guess. Leah turned around and saw me flying at her 100km an hour. I had lost control and couldn't stop!! “Lorraine, slow down!!” she shouted putting her arms up. We were going to crash. “Louis, watch out!” Harry shouted. Louis was just coming in the door, too slow to react to Harry’s warning. “BANG”. “CRASH”. “OUCH”. Before I knew it, I had crashed into this person, and was lying on the ground with him on top of me. I opened my eyes, scared of what I might see. “Lorraine, are you OK?” I heard Leah say, jogging over to me. Harry right behind her. I opened my eyes, ready for the embarrassment, to find this guy, THIS GUY, the one I bumped into this morning right on top of me! We were inches apart, I could feel his breath on my cheek, his chest moving up and down very heavily. I’d say we were staring at each other for what felt like ages, when he smiled and whispered to me “We can’t stop bumping into each other like this”. He got up on his feet and held out his hand for me. I grabbed it gladly and he pulled me up. “ I’m Louis, by the way” he said, not letting go of my hand. “I’m Lorraine”. “I know”. “You do?” “Yes, you’re friend here shouted it out about fifty times in the past minute” he said, letting out a giggle. I couldn't help but giggle with him. I looked over to the other two who were standing there looking at us arms crossed. “Harry, my man!” Louis said, doing a little handshake with him. “Do you guys know each other already?” Leah and I said in tune. “Well, sure. We’re sharing an apartment up on the fifth floor!”. “Us too!!” Leah said, getting all excited. “Leah, I came all the way down here to tell you that we have no food! And I’m starving!!” I said to her, now crossing my arms. “Oh yeah, I completely forgot to buy food, typical me!” she said sighing. “Well, how about we go out for dinner tonight? Would you two lovely ladies like to join us?” Louis said, smiling at me. “Yes, oh my god!!!” Leah said jumping up and down and giving Harry a big hug!! Those two seemed to have clicked very fast. “We’re in room 223”. “Really? Myself and Louis are in room 233” Harry said letting go of Leah’s super duper hug. “We’ll come get you at 7?”. “That would be great” I said, sounding like the more mature girl in this conversation. Leah and I skipped off up the stairs to get ready!

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