Love at First Site

hi im Isabella im 17 about to tern 18 and this is my story.


2. Saving Her

sorry I haven't been able to update been busy

Niall's POV

Thank god I was home I could barely walk, I was that tired. Since my mom is a doctor, she was immediately caring for her and  helping her, she had to have a cast because she broke shin, she also had to use crutches. My mom laid out some my sisters clothes to wear since hers were covered in blood. I hope she is ok.........I think I'm in love with her.

Belle's POV

I woke up with a terrible pain in my right leg, I looked down to see a cast. I guess I broke something. Then there he was, he was so cute and nice but I needed to know his name, he was awake so I asked him his name he said it was Niall Horan, were have a heard that name before........aha he's from One Direction! I told him my name to, he was so sweet...............I think I'm in love with him.








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