Love at First Site

hi im Isabella im 17 about to tern 18 and this is my story.


3. First Kiss

(readers like, comment, or something)

Niall's POV

For some reason she didn't want to leave but I didn't care, I really liked her. She had the most beautiful name ever........ah......Isabella. She is sleeping in my sisters room since my sister was in college. She was still sleeping but when she wakes up I'm asking her why she wants to stay so bad.

Belle's POV

I am staying here for as long as I can. I didn't want to leave for 2 reasons 1. I cant go back home 2. I really like Niall. I just woke up and started getting ready, I took a shower and threw on some of my clothes, makeup, and shoes and walked down stairs. Out of no where Niall showed up. He made me some tea and food (which he really didn't have to do). Than he asked a question I knew he would ask, it was "why don't you want to leave?" I responded "because my dad abused me and I like you" he saw me blush and blushed too.

Niall's & Belle's POV

All the sudden we were getting closer to each other. Our lips touched and we kissed for what felt like forever. When we pulled away we both blushed and walked off to our rooms. 

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