Love at First Site

hi im Isabella im 17 about to tern 18 and this is my story.


4. Are We A Thing?

Belle's POV

I can't  believe we kissed he was so cute and sweet. He had told his mom why I didn't want to go so she said I could stay for a while, which was nice. I needed money and new clothes so Niall took me shopping/job finding I found Hollister my favorite clothing store, I got lots of stuff there (I felt bad having him buy me stuff and I told him I would pay him back but he insisted I keep my money).  Than I found a job at Starbucks, I started an Wednesday.

Niall's POV

We were out shopping/job finding when a question popped in my head. I tried to keep it in but I couldn't, she was taking a sip of coffee when I blurted out "so are we like a thing now?". She literally spit the coffee half way across the room, I was so embarrassed.

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