Love at First Site

hi im Isabella im 17 about to tern 18 and this is my story.


1. Love At First Sight

"Isabella get in here now!" (my name is Isabella but you can call me Belle) my stepdad Justin yelled. I was scared what he would do to me, ever since my mom died he had
 abused me. I had very bad bruses on my arms and legs.I had a bag packed and ready to go. He yelled one more
time but the door rang. I quickly jumped out of the window and ran away. As I was running I tripped and fell on a rock, without even noticing I had blood running down my leg. I got up and kept running. My leg started hurting so I decided to sit at the park bench were my mom used to take me. Than this stunning boy came around the corner and I was instantly in love.

Niall's POV

I decided to go on a walk to the park I used to go because the boys played the worst prank on me. As I walked around the corner I fell instantly in love. Then something caught my eye she was bleeding really bad so I started running over to her.

Belle's POV

He started running over to me I didn't know what to do so I stayed there. Once he reached me he asked me if I was ok and I told I'm was fine until I noticed the blood coming out of my leg. He told me to come with him but as I stood up I fell to the ground in pain, so he decided to carry me. I didn't know where he was taking me but I didn't care. I was losing to much blood. I slowly drifted off.

Niall's POV

I knew she was loosing to much blood and I saw her slowly faint from lose of to much blood. I had to get her to my house and save her.

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