(not very)Prima Ballerina

i spun, round, round, round. When i slipped, i laughed. This had happened to me so many times before. But suddenly, when i fell, i felt like cracked stone. My vision blurred and blurred until i blacked out completely.

Annabelle is a dnacer, so close to her pointte shoes. But in a class, checking that she is ready, an accident occurs. Now, she is sidelined, never able to dance again. Annabelle must discover what really makes a dancer.Then, maybe, just maybe, will she recieve her dream; the silk, perfect, pointte shoes.


1. The News

Sitting on a hard bench, my feet encased in sneakers of my usual ballet slippers, i waited. my eyes swept across to the studio where my teacher and my mom were conversing. No, i wasn't at a strange parent-teacher confrence, but a dance school. My ballet teacher was talking to my mother about my dream-pointte shoes- and if i was ready.

what could it hurt to listen? I thought. after all, they are talking about me. i crept on my toes as though i was borre ing accross the studio floor in my pink slippers.

"She has really progressed," my teacher said. i smiled; i had."I really think you should get her those shoes" my mouth dropped.

"Really?"my mom checked.come on ma, dont fight it! i urged.

"Yes,"  my teacher assured. "i'll igve  you  the names of good pointte shoe shops."I was so excited about my dream- one that i'd almost since the start of my dance career, 9 years back-that would come true so soon, that i banged into the studio door. wow, i stink at this.  i cringed. My mom opened the door. "Annabelle!" she scolded.

"It's fine. She would've heard it anyways." my instructer saved me probably from a grounding. "As you heard, you are getting pointte shoes soon!"



i know it's short.....i'll add on soon.

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