(not very)Prima Ballerina

i spun, round, round, round. When i slipped, i laughed. This had happened to me so many times before. But suddenly, when i fell, i felt like cracked stone. My vision blurred and blurred until i blacked out completely.

Annabelle is a dnacer, so close to her pointte shoes. But in a class, checking that she is ready, an accident occurs. Now, she is sidelined, never able to dance again. Annabelle must discover what really makes a dancer.Then, maybe, just maybe, will she recieve her dream; the silk, perfect, pointte shoes.


2. Pointte Shoes

My mom's stern look about my "listening in" couldn't dampen my mood. We pend all of saturday exploring the pointte shoe world online. My mom and i discussed the different brands, but couldn't decide. I said we could see when i was fitted. I just couldn't get over it. Me, Annabelle Mia Ray was going to get pointte shoes!

On Sunday morning, i pranced with my duffle bag sized dance bag slung over my shoulder. "I'm getting pointte shoes. really really soon. and when i do, i'll beeeee. aprofessional. even better. a prima ballerina!" i sung to the tune of 'what makes you beautiful' with no sense of pitch accuracy. i'm not exactly cut out to be a singer, you see.

When i reached the studio, i was greeted by my friends. "we heard the news!" they raved. "omg, i cant believe you're going on pointtee!" they giggled. "we HAVE to come with. we can pick out your pro pink leotard, skirt, and best of all......." they drum rolled"POINTTE SHOES!"

"thanks guys, but my mom and i are picking the stuff out." they gave me the face so i said "i'll send you guys some pics for help deciding."

i was congratulated by a wave of slightly older students. " Great, annabelle. we knew you could do it." they chirped, decked out in their matching soft pink skirts, leotards, and best of all.....those silky, satin, elegant shoes with their long graceful ties, beautiful compostion, and hard square top. "Wow, so i'll join the 'my toes are bleeding, i think i broke a toe, but i love it club'" i joked, mocking the group of dancers, who often complained about the abnormal pain. And legit. toes DO bleed!

i wa called to their class instead of my usual prepointte class. "Today we have a dancer, Annabelle, who will be starting in this class. very soon." the teacher aid, introudoucing me. I would be taking all my class; ballet, tap, modern,jazz, lyrical, but now instead of pre-pointte, i'd be doing the real thing!

I watched them do some movements. i mimiced them while sitting on a chair because i didn't have the shoes.

My friends my age encirled me after we were let out of our classes, yelinng that they had missed me during pre pointte. "Dont worry,"i said. "You'll be with me soon."

Being there for me wasn't just getting on pointte. It was being a prima ballerina

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