(not very)Prima Ballerina

i spun, round, round, round. When i slipped, i laughed. This had happened to me so many times before. But suddenly, when i fell, i felt like cracked stone. My vision blurred and blurred until i blacked out completely.

Annabelle is a dnacer, so close to her pointte shoes. But in a class, checking that she is ready, an accident occurs. Now, she is sidelined, never able to dance again. Annabelle must discover what really makes a dancer.Then, maybe, just maybe, will she recieve her dream; the silk, perfect, pointte shoes.


3. continution

hey. its da author. i know ive been spelling pointe shoes wrong. i have no idea why i was doing that. i am thinking about continuing this story on instagram, on my dance account @dancingforalways . i have trouble accessing the computer sometimes, so instagram might be easier. or should i just give up on this story? comment what you think! thanks!


also, a preview of what will happen in next chapter if i continue...... annabelle explains about the horror, school, and that her only joy of a school day is dance after school. She also tells how dance made her unpopular at her school.

after that, in chapters ahead, i will get to the main point of the story..... her loss of ability to dance.


thanks again! i would REALLY appreciate for you guys to comment how you feel about continuing.


author of (not very) Prima Ballerina :)


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