1D Imagines<33

Okay so...write your name and the band me member you want in your imagine and I'll write you and imagine!! :)


1. Kristina and Niall

I sat on the beach with Niall. We are so in love. I held his hand and we looked up at the setting sun. Niall stood up. He quickly poked my shoulder. "Tag." he yelled and started running. I quickly stand up and start running toward Niall. I quickly poke his back. "Tag!" You say and run toward the water. You start to swim. "Kristina! Stop! That's to deep." Niall says and lifts me up. He puts mr on the sand. "By the way, tag." He said. Oh, Niall. He's so funny. "You're not getting away this time!" I start to run toward him.

You go back to your house, and get changed for dinner with Niall. You put on a pink dress, that goes down to your ankles. You were silver high heels, and put your hair in a bun. You don't put on any makeup because Niall hates it when girls were makeup. You love having dinner with the boys.

You arrive at Niall's house and Louis answers the door. "You look nice," Louis tells you. "So do you," you smile. You walk into Niall's house. "What are we, getting married?" you ask Niall because he looks so nice. "Maybe," he says and gets down on one knee. Oh my gosh.

"Kristina, we have been together so long, and I want to be with you - forever. Kristina, will you marry me?" Niall said. "Of course!" You say and kiss him. The boys all clap. This has been the best moment of your life.


I hoped you like it, Kristina! Maybe it will happen! :)

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