1D Imagines<33

Okay so...write your name and the band me member you want in your imagine and I'll write you and imagine!! :)


2. Cheyenne and Niall

"I think we should get a dog." Niall said to you. "Um...why?" you said to Niall. "So we aren't all alone in this house. Well, we have the boys, but..." "Ok. What kind?" You ask him. "How about a...golden retriever?" "Perfect."

You and Niall go to PetSmart and look for golden retrievers. "How about this one? It is a girl. She is 2 months old!" You say to Niall. "Oh, perfect! I have a great name for her." 'What?" "Cheiall (Shy-all)! Cheyenne, Niall, mashed together!" Oh, Niall. He was adorable. "Yes. Cheiall. How about the middle name can be...Nienne (Nie-anne)! Like, again, Cheyenne and Niall smashed together!" You say to him. "Perfect."

You go home. You see the boys. "Aww, whats her name?" Harry asks. "Cheiall Nienne." "What?" Liam asks. You and Niall laugh. "You would not under stand." and you and Niall kiss right in front of them.


I hope you like it Cheyenne! :)

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