4 Best Friends and a Lover

One Direction Fanfic
Niamh is a 17 year old girl whose half brother happens to be Louis Tomlinson. Her step father has abused her for years and now something is happening to stop it. Niamh is moving to England, to live with her brother. But with four other boys living in the house, is anything going to happen? And how will Louis react if it does?


7. Truth or Dare

Yay! I loved playing truth or dare! We always played it at home! I miss home. It's so sad. I miss all of my friends. Especially Sophie. She's my best friend. She said she might visit if she had the money. But she probably won't.

"Ok guys! Get in a circle" Liam shouted, trying to get everyone's attention.

"Circle?" I asked. We always played it randomly picking people.

"Yep!" He said holding up a drinks bottle "Spin the bottle truth or dare!!!" I understood then and joined the circle. Liam passed me the bottle. Oh god. I guess this means I'm going first. I span it, wondering who it was going to land on. Louis. Ok, that's cool. I know Louis. 

"Louis, truth or dare?" I asked him. I bet he'd choose truth. He was such a wuss.

"Truth." He replied. I knew it. Everyone groaned at his decision.

"Fine. Louis, what's the worst thing you've ever done?" 

"Once, I turned off all of the electricity when we were rehearsing for Up All Night." He said laughing.

"Haha! That was a good day." Harry smiled.

Louis span the bottle and it landed on Zayn. He picked dare.

"I dare you to swap underwear with Perrie. Then show us."

"I'm not sure I want to-" Zayn started.

"You could do the forfeit." I said back to him.

"Which is..?"

"Seven minutes in heaven with Har-"

"Ok come on Perrie." He inturupted me leading her out of the room.

They both looked hilarious! Unfortunately for Zayn though, Perrie was wearing a thong. But Zayn rocked that look. The game carried on consisting in Niall eating a whole jar of marmite (no problem for him), Dani waxing a bit of Liam's chest. And the funniest bit being Louis and harry had to kiss for 10 seconds. God that was so funny. 

Before I knew it, it was 1 o.clock and I was SO tired from the plane journey and all the comotion. I needed to go to bed. 

"Lou, I think I'm gonna go to bed now." I told him - he looked shocked. They obviously usually stay up later than this.

"I'll show you to your room." he said smiling. For some reason he looked really proud of himself.

We went upstairs and their were 4 bedrooms. I wonder which one's mine. On that thought, he led me to the room at the end of the corridor and I walked in. 

Oh. My. God.

The room was beautiful. It had newly painted white walls, a king-sized bed with a orange and pink flowery cover, fairy lights around the ceiling, a bookshelf full of all the Harry Potter books, the Twilight saga and Lord of the Rings, and a humongous TV that must of cost a fortune! He'd put SO much thought into this. He had redecorated a room, specially for me. Just the way he knew I would like it. My favourite things, my favourite colours. It was perfect!! 

"Lou, I.. Oh my.. It's" Was all I could get out. I was speechless."Thank you so much!" I cried pulling him into the tightest hug I think has ever existed in the history of mankind. 

"You're so welcome baby sis!" I hated it when he called me that. But I didn't care. He'd done ALL of this for me!! Then I saw two doors at the end of the room that I had NO clue what they were.

"What are they..?" I asked him curiously.

"Take a look." He replied.

The first door I opened was an absolutely HUGE en-suite. The bath was big enough to fit two, fully grown adults. And had sections on the side for water to come out of. A jacuzzi! I loved it!

"Open the other one." I heard Lou call to me. "I'm pretty sure you'll love this one."

I opened the door. It was a walk in wardrobe. I screamed. It was SO FREAKIN' BIG! It had drawers, railings, even rotating shelves! I was so excited. I pulled Louis ino another huge hug and he pulled away.

"Come hun, you said you were really tired. You should go to bed" He told me. I remembered why I came up. When will I unpack though..? "You can unpack in the morning" He said - like he could read my mind. He left the room and I flopped onto my bed, full dressed, and before I knew it I was asleep. What a great day it had been.

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