4 Best Friends and a Lover

One Direction Fanfic
Niamh is a 17 year old girl whose half brother happens to be Louis Tomlinson. Her step father has abused her for years and now something is happening to stop it. Niamh is moving to England, to live with her brother. But with four other boys living in the house, is anything going to happen? And how will Louis react if it does?


4. Meeting everyone

I knew all of their names already - but I let them get on with it. Niall and Harry were already in the room and Niall was smiling at me. Louis shouted the others down

"OII!!! ZAYN! LIAM! GET YO ASSES DOWN HERE" I think were his exact words..

They came down and took a seat, staring at me as they did. 

"Ok then, everyone. This is Niamh. She's my half sister. And she's going to be living with us."

As Louis said that - everyone's faces turned into smiles. I wonder what they were thinking..

"Ok, Niamh - you already know Harry, and this is Niall, Zayn and Liam" He said, pointing to various people who waved in return.

"Hey.." I said quietly. What was I doing!? I'm never shy.. I'm only ever shy infront of someone I'm crushing on.. and I don't think I'm crushing on anyone here... "I need the bathroom" 

"Hang on, I'll show you where it is." Louis said as he got up. We left the room.


PHWOARR! I don't know any other way I could put that. She.Is.Absolutely.B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. But I doubt I'm the only one thinking that.. Unfortunately.


Well she seems nice. She seems more than nice. I'm sure we'll get on really well. Woah. The image of her waving at me keeps replaying in my head. She's so pretty. I wonder what the others think of her.


God! She's perfect!! Her face, her hair, her eyes, her clothes. Everything. I bet the other guys will agree.


I know everyone was thinking it - they just didn't want to say it.

"She's beautiful isn't she." They all nodded in agreement. I knew they were thinking about her. "I wonder how Louis would react if he knew what we were saying and thinking."

Just as I finished my sentence, Lou walked in and sat on my lap. Niamh must still be in the bathroom.

"Jeez Boo Bear! You weigh a ton!" He laughed.But when he stopped he looked serious.

"I need to talk to you guys." He said.


"I need to talk to you guys." I told them. Trying to look as serious as I could. They were all looking at me. I was thinking of how to say it.

"Yeah.. Go on.." Zayn said.

"Niamh's off limits." I burst out. Their faces drooped. I knew what they were thinking when they saw her.


It's ok, it isn't to bad 'cause I haven't got to know her well yet. You can't be so head over heels of someone you don't know properly. I just hope that I don't get to know her to well. 'Cause if that happens. I won't be able to stop myself loving her.


I had to leave the room, I said I was going to the toilet. I couldn't let Louis see me like this. He'd have known what I was thinking.


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