4 Best Friends and a Lover

One Direction Fanfic
Niamh is a 17 year old girl whose half brother happens to be Louis Tomlinson. Her step father has abused her for years and now something is happening to stop it. Niamh is moving to England, to live with her brother. But with four other boys living in the house, is anything going to happen? And how will Louis react if it does?


2. Getting To See Louis


The plane journey was sooo long and boring. I was sat inbetween this absolutely HUMUNGOUS dude and this woman with a baby who cried the whole time. And I mean, the woman cried the whole time. Not the baby – worrying right? Louis told me he’d be waiting for me at the station. I couldn’t wait to see him again it’s been so long!

I got off of the plane, got my bags and went to search for him. I couldn’t see him anywhere. But what I could see, was a head of beautiful, brown curls over the crowd, holding up a sign saying:


I would recognize that hair anywhere, IT WAS HARRY STYLES!!! I walked over to him, trying to act casual, and when I got there he said “Hi Niamh! I’ve heard LOADS about you” and then Harry freaking Styles pulled me into a hug – a really tight hug.

“I can’t breath” I struggled to say, laughing 
"Oh, sorry.." He replied awkwardly and let go.

I introduced myself and he did the same

"I'm Har-" he started.

"I know. Harry Styles from One Direction." I said smiling like an idiot, "Where's Louis?"

"He had an emergency last minute-important meeting with Management. Just him for some reason.." I nodded and we walked over to the car - Harry offered to carry my bag but I refused, I could handle it. The car journey was full of getting to know each other - which was really nice, getting to know the real harry.


God she's beautiful. Louis had shown me a picture of her, but I didn't expect her be so.. Wow! She was leaning against the window, humming what sounded like our song, Little Things, but I couldn't tell - she was so quiet.

Her long brown hair was pushed over her right shoulder - waving in all directions her eyes were the brightest blue I'd ever seen and they shone like crystals in the light. And what she was wearing just added to it. She wasn't fake. She wasn't trying to impress but she gave me that affect. Not girly at all. She looked amazingly beautiful. 
http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=67026420 )

God Harry stop staring. FOCUS ON THE ROAD! We pulled into the drive and she looked so excited. I couldn't wait for her to meet the others. But they better not like her like I do. 

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